Alderman Theodore Ruffalo

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Watching issues created after: 2011-06-14

City of Kenosha Alderman, 2nd District

Notified About

  • 611 56th Street Kenosha, WI - Kenosha
    This alley is west of 611 56th St. There are over 24,000 visitors per year going to the Anytime Fitness and complainting about it.
  • Pershing Blvd Kenosha, WI - Kenosha
    Please check the stop signs and the trees before the signs going both north & south on Pershing Blvd. It seems as if people are not stopping because they are not aware there are stop signs until 1/2 way through the intersection. I see many people just go through without stopping.
  • 39th Ave Kenosha, WI - Kenosha
    39th Ave from 52nd Street to Washington Road. Ruining Car!
  • 611 56th St Kenosha, Wisconsin - Kenosha
    The alley's attached to the Anytime Fitness parking lot are atrocious! They make entering and leaving the parking lot difficult and dangerous as there is a lot of debris from the broken alley just lying around.
  • Parking Open
    5041-5111 6th Ave Kenosha, WI - Kenosha
    ALL of 6th Avenue from 50th Street to 59th Street need to have the parking lines repainted. It is amazing that you cannot see where the lines are any more.
  • 4714 70th Avenue Kenosha, WI - Kenosha
    MAJOR potholes all over the Kenosha Industrial/Business park whatever it's called. I work at a company out here, my car had serious damage occur recently; other co-workers reported bumpers falling off, mirrors falling off, tires falling off,ect. It has been that way for the 8 years I've worked here, now worse than ever...Than again lets face it, every road in Kenosha is bad.
  • 612 44th Street And 4324 6th Avenue Kenosha, Wisconsin - Kenosha
    both properties have very long grass and needs trimming, also, both feature scrub trees growing along the foundations, very unsightly in an up and coming area, both of course, owned by absentee landlords (slumlords)
  • chain link fence Acknowledged
    18th Ave Kenosha, WI - Kenosha
    Chain link fence in need of repair.
    Has been getting worse since last year
    City needs to fine or enforce the law on people being destructive of park property.
  • 4700-4798 63rd St Kenosha, WI 53142, USA - Kenosha
    Red crossbar on top of upright poles broken at the t- junction possiable due to rust and also upright pole is not corrertly sercued into the ground.
  • Pershing Blvd. And 58th Street Kenosha, WI - Kenosha
    Hard to see sign when traveling south on Pershing Blvd. until your almost right on top of it.
  • 11th Av & Sheridan Rd Kenosha, WI - Kenosha
    2 separate gang tags. 1 was last night again
  • Pot Holes Archived
    7232-7362 11th Avenue Kenosha, Wisconsin - Kenosha
    Number of pot holes from 72nd to 73 along 11th avenue.