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  • So. George Mason Drive And Rt. #7 Falls Church, Virginia - Bailey's Crossroads
    All along So. George Mason Drive and Rt. #7 there are cigarette butts and trash. In some areas, the grass and weeds are up to my knees along the sidewalks. I am tired of calling the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and getting the same answer...."we don't have any money!" Something has to be done. Fairfax County's roads and highways are becoming quite an eyesore.
  • Paul Street Between Magnolia Ln & Scoville St Falls Church, VA - Bailey's Crossroads
    The street surface is worn away in huge spots along this street. Its always been bad but the snows this winter really made it worse. It needs to be resurfaced but the neighborhood doesn't seem to get any attention from the city.
  • Route 7 And Gorham Street Falls Church, VA - Bailey's Crossroads
    This is a local shortcut for commuters as well as for trucks. The pothole is in the middle of what would be the pedestrian crosswalk if there were one. Any vehicle turning right onto Rt 7 heading for Alexandria risks losing a tire at this point. Gorham St is heavily traveled and always develops substantial potholes that don't get fixed until they're gigantic. It'd be great to get this one patched before winter.
  • 3318 Ardley Ct Falls Church, Va - Bailey's Crossroads
    The burned out lights make it hard to park at night. Thanks do much for giving this your attention.
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  • The Chicken Place; Leesburg Pike Alexandria, VA - Bailey's Crossroads
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  • 5098 Dawes Avenue Alexandria, Virginia - Bailey's Crossroads
    George Mason and Beauregard/Walter Reed are the only routes to move between the trails systems of Doctors Branch, WO&D,4 mile Run and Holmes Run.
    The current bike lanes, paths and sharrows are disjointed and abruptly end.
    On George Mason a parking separated bike lane in each direction on the 1100 to 3600 blocks would narrow the roadway and slow down speeding drivers.
    Dawes avenue could readjusted to give some space back to bikes and the Walter Reed trail and George Mason lanes could funnel into that to keep bikes of the high speed arterials of Beauregard and Seminary.
    Tying together the trail systems of Holmes Run with Wo&D/4 mile run greatly increases the utility of the whole network.
  • Spring Lane And Robinwood Lane Bailey's Crossroads, VA - Bailey's Crossroads
    Residential street parking is right up to the edge of parking lot exits and street corners. When exiting my Spring Lane condo parking or turning left from Robinwood onto Spring you cannot see around parked cars for on-coming traffic. Need some parking enforcement to open up sight lines.
  • Seminary Rd & Rt 395 Alexandria, VA 22311, USA - Bailey's Crossroads
    The Repair work signs for the work being done around Mark Center are confusing. When you travel westbound on Seminary Rd, you see a sign before crossing over 395 that tells you to merge left because the right lane is closed. If you do that, you wind up in the left turn only lans for Beauregard. If you stayed in that right lane, it becomes the middle lane which is the only through lane remaining open. The sign needs to be moved to over the bridge where you can see a far right lane is being added, so that it makes sense. It should not tell that lane to merge but to stay put.
  • 5396 5518 Virginia 7 Bailey'S Crossroads, VA - Bailey's Crossroads
    There is a traffic signal on route 7, between S. Jefferson and Gorham streets. When on the westbound lanes, trying to turn left into the Skyline Towers parking garage, the left green arrow no longer activates.
  • 5502 Seminary Rd alexandria, va - Bailey's Crossroads
  • 3527 Lacy Boulevard Falls Church, Virginia - Bailey's Crossroads
  • 5205-5313 Leesburg Pike Bailey's Crossroads, VA 22041, USA - Bailey's Crossroads
    The traffic light for folks traveling westbound on route 7, far left lane, is facing north towards the shopping center. Not a huge deal for those continuing on route 7, but for drivers turning left, you can't see when you have the green arrow.