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  • 9303 Mentor Ave Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    When entering off of Heisley there is a stop sign by the previous Att cell phone office. It is difficult to see what is entering off of Mentor Ave due to the high shrubs.The shrubs need to be removed. They are to high and obstruct the view.
  • Rt. 306 At Ohio 2 Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    Traffic headed southbond on 306 gets extremely backed up in the morning. It appears that the light at the new Rt. 2 west onramp is allowing the northbound 306 travelers a long arrow time, even when there is no one turning.
  • Lakeland Fwy Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    Speeders on Rt. 2 during construction. The cities of Mentor and Willoughby should try to target this area more because of the safety of the workers.
  • 5521-5599 Heisley Rd Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    Some people want to make it sociably acceptable to illegally park in handicapped parking spots, At the BP on heisley road and route 2. This is where I work part time and when I reminded this guy he was in a handicapped spot, he got mad at me and said that BP just lost his business along with his friends business. I say please send a cop around some time in the morning or during the day to see where people are parking and cha ching it could be with the trip. I recently told some Mexicans they were parked in the handicapped spot and they took their time in the store anyway. I said it is a good thing for them a cop was not around. They actually may not know any better, not like the rest of Mentor. God bless.
  • Hopkins Rd - Mentor
    Traffic on 84 is always busy and it usually takes a couple minutes to be able to make a turn onto 84 off of Hopkins Rd.
  • Mentor Ave Near Gfs - Mentor
    The Flooring store is out of business. There is a VERY damaged American Flag flying from the flag pole. A bucket truck is required to remove the flag. The lowering device is locked. Please do the right thing.
  • Hopkins Plains, Center st - Mentor
    Nasty intersection could use a light for those who don't know how a 4-way stop works. Traffic back up is terrible.
  • Bellflower Rd Mentor - Mentor
    Speed limit is only 25 on Bellflower and 95% off drivers are going well over 35 mph. Motorcycles especially open it up on this raod.
  • 5382-5506 Ohio 44 Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    When exiting Blackbrook Rd, you sit waiting for the light to change. No traffic coming on 44, but you sit waiting forever. They need to shorten the light cycle. Maybe even have it blinking in the off hours.
  • Heisley Road And Whalers Cove - Mentor
    When is Mentor finally going to do something and make Heisley Road 5 lanes between Mentor Ave and Jackson St. The traffic backups are horrible!
  • Willoughby Lost Nation Municipal Airport (Lnn) Willoughby, OH 44094, USA - Mentor
    Close this old, decrepit airport.
  • Erie Commons Shopping Center At Joann Fabrics - Mentor
    There should be a stop sign there.. When you come around the corner, with the shrubbery there, you cannot see the cars coming or the people crossing the road... Having the stop sign over by the turn to Chuck E Cheese is in the wrong spot...