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  • Lakeland Fwy & Heisley Rd & State Highway 44 Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    The on-ramp from Heisley Road to Rt-2 East-Bound is terribly bumpy and rough due to the regular sand and gravel truck traffic coming from the Headlands area. That area needs (and has needed) a repaving badly!
  • 6842 Heisley Rd Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    Traffic at the intersection of Heisley Rd., Kathleen Drive and entranceway to Lake Health Mentor Campus. Countless drivers utilize the Lake Health Mentor Campus drive and parking lot as a cut-through to reach the Creekside Commons shopping center. This creates traffic congestion and dangerous driving conditions as seen by a recent car accident on 19 June. This accident when someone attempted turn turn left onto Kathleen Drive when someone, using his turn signal, attempted to turn left into the Medical Campus then last minute decided to continue South on Heisley Rd. You can observe people cutting though the Lake Health campus though all hours of the day. A traffic light needs to be installed and Lake Health needs to close off the connection between the medical campus and the Creekside Commons shopping center.
  • traffic light Archived
    8394 Fairfax Dr Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    This light needs to be adjusted because it stays green, way to long for the 615 traffic, while a person can retire waiting on Fairfax for a green. This has been a big pain for years and needs to be taken care of
  • 8982 Woodridge Ln Mentor, Oh 44060 - Mentor
    The amount of people speeding though the Headlands is out of control. Theres not alot of sidewalks for the kids to ride and walk on and this irresponable behavior is unacceptable
  • 6251-6299 Maplewood Dr Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    Tired of the loud motorcycles blasting their non-mufflered engines particularly in the late evening as they roll up and down the street.
  • 9576-9584 Ohio 283 Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    Exit ramp for Ohio 283 off of Route 44 North (Heisley Road) is actually marked as ONE lane.
    Most cars using this exit turn West onto Ohio 283. Those turning East onto Ohio 283 actually make the ONE lane into TWO, which is actually an illegal pass on the right ( I would know as I was unforutnate to receive a ticket from the Mentor police.) Now that I wait down on the exit ramp to make my turn East, I have to be vigilent of someone not coming up & passing me illegally on the right & broad siding me on the passenger side of the car. Can this be made legally into two lanes?
  • 9443 Mentor Ave. - Mentor
    All businesses are hard to get in & out of at this intersection. Traffic is moving unlawfully and dangerously FAST on their way to the intersection of Heisley and Mentor Ave., and this light would slow them down and reduce accidents here. This spot is further congested by a bus stop, and we are concerned about the safety of those waiting and boarding.
  • Hopkins Road Rr Crossing - Mentor

    Mentor has 4 major roads that run north and south through the city. Three of them have either a RR under/overpass. Hopkins Road, the one that does not, leads directly to one of the largest High schools in the state. Our City leaders should have the foresight to possibly prevent a potentially tragic accident at this crossing. Many of our youngest drivers, most inexperienced drivers travel this road several times a day.

    Although this would be a large dollar project in a tough economy, it would be well worth it. There are Federal dollars avaiable for this type of improvement. A much larger percentage of our population would benefit from this improvement rather than a city-owned Marina. It also would cut down on the traffic and the noise pollution of the 100's of train whistles every month around the clock.

  • 7557 Kittery - Mentor
    they put a turn lane in by whalers cove more important for one at entrance for medical campus
  • 7730-7740 Duckworth Ln Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    Even after the snow had stopped, the road had not been plowed yet. In the 4 hours we were there today (2/25/11), 3 vehicles got stuck on the road.
  • 9365 Mentor Ave Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    There is a HUGE pot hole when exiting Wal-Mart heading towards Heisley. It is located right next to the thrift store. If you are exiting Wal-Mart you have no choice but to veer into the other lane or else your car will get damaged. I understand that this roadway is probably not the City's problem but I feel they need to have the situation addressed....and please people, this is not an issue of whether or not we should be shopping at Wal-Mart. It is an issue of getting a pot hole fixed. Thanks!
  • 6011 Heisley Rd Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    Less pollution, less traffic congestion, conservation of natural resources, and possibility of public transportation are but a few of the benefits that sidewalks on Heisley Road could help. Sidewalks are needed before a bus route is considered. With the growth in this area of Mentor, a bus route makes sense.