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  • 7730-7740 Duckworth Ln Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    Even after the snow had stopped, the road had not been plowed yet. In the 4 hours we were there today (2/25/11), 3 vehicles got stuck on the road.
  • 6000 Heisley Rd Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor

    The city of Mentor has been ravaged by Heroin abuse and it's now taken the lives of multiple friends from high school.

    These guys weren't "most likely to do drugs" in high school. Some were sports stars, some were well-established professionals.

    I moved from Mentor in 2003, but have returned to see the population in an odd place. Things are run down, crime is common and drugs are rampant. Don't believe me? You should.

    It's about time the people of Mentor quit acting like they live in a great city. Mentor WAS a great city in the 90's, but not anymore.

    Teach your involved in their lives...keep them alive.

  • 7044-7164 Adkins Rd Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    You can't enter Rt 2 west from 306, so what are travelers doing? Not only using the side streets off 306 instead of the posted Detour. But they are traveling these side streets at speeds that resemble being on the freeway. We are not main roads, we have children out playing and posted speed limits of 25 not 65.
  • 6733-6763 Heisley Rd Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    3 Years ago, Mentor City Council approved, according to the NewsHerald, that Heisley Rd. would become 4 lanes in 2012. Well, nothing has happened and we are still waiting. Getting out of Whaler's Cove is awful so many times. When is this promised improvement going to happen?
  • Forest And Maiden - Mentor
    People feeding deer, they eat all gardens. Make dogs bark, extremely dangerous for drivers,pedestrians,bicyclists and children !!!!
  • 5857 Hopkins Rd Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    I have almost been side-swiped several times. It is like cat and mouse who will leave the stop sign first. In the past I have seen Mentor Police direct traffic, but that is pretty rare. Add to the mix people on bicycles and runners and it is an accident waiting to happen. Please fix this!
  • 5381-5505 Ohio 44 Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor

    Heading north on rt44. (2 lanes)

    because there is no lane exclusively (a 3rd turning lane only) for turning right onto Blackbrook Rd.,.cars turning right onto Blackbrook have to stop to make the turn.. so, many motorists drive in the left lane intending to use the Rt.283 exit,and try to merge at the last minute to use the Rt.283 exit.

  • 8435 Market St Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    What another blight for Mentor--A car dealership. I was hoping this would become something useful, like a Costco, to bring more jobs into the area. Mentor is starting to look like Vine St. in Eastlake with all the dealerships crudding up the landscape. Hey, Mentor, why not do what California Cities do and make an Auto Mall; a parkway exclusively for dealerships, so residents aren't having to see these eyesores in their daily meanderings. One would only see them when in need of a vehicle.
  • 306/2s - Mentor
    Is there a way we can let drivers know how to turn down the CORRECT entrance to 2 West from 306 North? I cant tell you how many times each week I see people MISS the entrance, only to turn down the entrance for 306 S drivers? People need to understand there are TWO entrances to 2 West now, not the one. They ALWAYS miss it, sometimes 2 or 3 cars at a time are battling for position to enter route 2 with Southbound drivers entering route 2.
  • 6709 Center St Mentor, OH - Mentor
    This is very dangerous. There is no enforcement of the no left turn at BP Market street exit and the first access to Ollies lot. In 5 years I have never seen this enforced.
  • 7492 Crossfield Ave Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor

    People going South on 306 are using Dartmoor road as an alternate and are speeding through here at high rates of speed blowing through the stop sign at Crossfield.

    We have a lot of little kids that live along this street. In the morning waiting for the bus we have cars blowing through intersections.

  • Ceter Street And Munson - Mentor
    Traffic signal to cross Center Street on Munson is way too long. I will sit there for what seems to be 2 to 3 minutes waiting for the light to change even when there is no traffic on Center Street