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  • 7473-7475 Reynolds Rd Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    The lights on 306 in the mornings need to be readjusted. At 7:30 am traffic is bumper to bumper all the way to Mentor Ave. You get to Erie and the light turns red. again...both freeway guessed it...another red light. You catch the rest of the lights all the way to rt. 20. A 5=7 minute drive is now a half hour.
  • Mentor High @ 615 & Munson Rd. Mentor Ohio 44060 - Mentor
    I was at Mentor High, yesterday and both handicap spaces were ocupied by two illegally parked cars. One, a red Honda Civic: license plate # JSU9, had a temporary hang-tag (good for six months) that expired last July. The other car, a red Toyota Solara: license # Scarlet9, had an issued, non-validated, hang-tag. Sgt. Kloski was very condescending when I took him out of his cozy little cubby at the school and away from him web-surfing, to address the situation. I find it highly offensive, as a disabled person who really needs the space, for him to tell me he wouldn't ticket someone with false or expired tags. He is supposed to seize the tags and write a ticket for expired plate or fictitious plate. In Ohio a handicap hang-tag is treated as a licence plate. He told me he didn't even know how to check registration for them--It's a registration just like a licence plate registration. I, and every handicapped person keeps it in the glove-box of their car along with our plate registration. WTF???
  • 7085 Mentor Avenue Willoughby, OH 44094, USA - Mentor
    this is the last time I will visit this site because of this pop up. if i want a story i will click a link. i don't need a separate window for your AP stories
  • 7419 Reynolds Rd Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    The traffic light at Essex and Rt 306 does not change unless actuated. Once a car pulls up, it takes about 3-4 minutes to change. Why can't this light detect if it has been recently changed and if not, change quickly? It's absolutely torture to wait and wait for no good reason!
  • Lakeland Fwy Mentor, OH - Mentor
    If this construction company is going to start closing lanes during rush hour in the morning I DEMAND they need to start notifying the public ahead of time! How is this allowed during morning rush hour anyways? Who decides this is ok? And since when is it such a prioroity to work on Rt 2 that they need to inconvience people trying to get to work ON TIME? I still cannot believe this construction company was aloud to take apart the whole freeway to just work on parts of it at a time. This is the worst planning I have ever seen and something needs to be done about them NOW!
  • 8000-8028 Chillicothe Rd Kirtland Hills, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    People making left turns from Rte 84 on to Chillicothe don't know where the center of the intersection are, and sometimes one or the other opposing cars enters the intersection too far and cause a dangerous condition. This could easily be fixed by painting dashed lines on the road indicating where the turn lanes go, giving drivers from both directions confidence that they will not hit head-on with the opposing turn lane.
  • Heisley And Tyler Blvds - Mentor
    The red light cycle on at Tyler and Heisley is too long. Heisley can be clear of traffic yet you're stuck on Tyler waiting for the green light in order to make a left turn. It appears this light is not traffic controlled.
  • 6689-6731 Heisley Rd Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    if your not turning right, it takes forever on sat or sundays, you could leave it yellow flashing for many hours, but during peak hours we could use some help turning left out of whalers cove
  • 8001-8081 Center St Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    Police should pay more attention to Southbound traffic on 615 during a.m. rush hour. If you want to issue tickets and make the city extra cash, this is the perfect way to do it and protect your law abiding citizens as well.
    Traffic is heavier in the right hand lane as cars prepare to enter 90. Every morning there are impatient drivers that feel they should be first in line. They will get out of line and speed past drivers, that are patiently waiting to enter the freeway, and cut in front of cars near the enterance ramp, with little room to spare.
    As winter approaches, this becomes more of a danger as your safe drivers will have less ability to stop quickly to avoid an accident. PLEASE ticket these inconsiderate people. There should be a cost for driving irresponsibly. Make them pay fines which will result in higher insurance prices. Better than some innocent driver paying with their life.
  • 8479 Johnnycake Ridge Rd Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    I have lived here since 1991.The past few years cars
    have made Johnnycake a speedway and parking lot,which it is NOT.Cars will not let us in or out of our driveways
    In the morning cars are stopped 6-7 houses east of mine.Fire and rescue,buses,snowplows,trucks must wait to drive East on the street because of the cars lined bumper to bumper in front .I have people who have called the police and city hall but nothing has been done.There is a saftey issue here.Can someone please help.
  • 8330 Center St Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    A right turn only lane is needed as you exit I90 eastbound at Rt. 615. Since both existing lanes allow left turns, right turn traffic is often delayed by cars turning left from the right exit lane.
  • 5740 Hopkins Rd Mentor Oh 44060 - Mentor
    I walk my dog nearly everyday at Veterans Park in Mentor and there is always dog poop on the paved trails. This is a very nice and peaceful place to be but inconsiderate dog owners don't clean up after their dog. Dog poop mess is found on the grassy areas as well. I know nothing can be done about the "goose poop", but dog owners need to clean up!!!