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  • Bayshore Fwy San Mateo, CA 94401, USA - East San Mateo
  • Bayshore Fwy San Mateo, CA 94401, USA - East San Mateo
    There's an abandoned shopping cart full of garbage at the 3rd ave off ramp of 101 next to the Samtrans bus stop.
  • Lagoon Archived
    19 Lyme Ln Foster City 94404, United States - Foster City
    Now that the draining of the waterway had begun all the garbage has pulled up against the orange floating barrier. This in itself is bad, however since the orange floating barrier is stuck in the mud, when the water is brought back in all the garbage will flow into the waterway.
    Please clean up the garbage and fix the floating barrier so when there is a “high tide”, garbage does not flow over it like it did last year. Thanks.
  • 600 42nd Avenue San Mateo California - Sugerloaf

    This is the second time someone has dumped their garbage on church property.

    This garbage is in our upper parking lot so it is accessible from the street.

  • 1125 S Norfolk St San Mateo, California - East San Mateo
    Norfolk St & Maxine St corner lights been out few days
    It’s really dark and dangerous at night.
  • 14 S Amphlett Blvd San Mateo, CA 94401, USA - North Central
    PGE PIPELINE project using safety comes warning of radiation danger.
  • 409 Tilton Ave San Mateo, CA 94401, USA - North Central
    Tilton westbound before Railroad. Looks like a settling trench.
  • California - Downtown
    Traveling south on ECR before crossing Crystal Springs, the tree in front of the light has grown so large that the light is nearly impossible to see unless you are almost past the street. Please prune the tree.
  • 1020 Howard Ave San Mateo, Ca - North Central
    New business started leasing this warehouse and is now dumping their garbage in the back alley of the building. The back part of the alley is residential and now I get to see their nasty garbage and construction waste pulling up. They don't even have a dumpster.
  • J Hart Clinton Dr San Mateo 94404, United States - East San Mateo
    Someone dumped a bunch of crap in the middle of the road near the All American Self Storage
  • Laurelwood Park San Mateo, California - Sugerloaf
    Water is running out the utility room of the Laurelwood park bathroom. Might have started 6:20 pm July 16