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  • 356 Norton St New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    ATV'er has been riding on sidewalks and up and down driveways all afternoon.
  • Ellsworth Ave & Goffe Ter New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Beaver Hills
    Am I the only one who is suffering property damage at the hands of the orthodox Lubavitch children on Ellsworth Avenue? They stomp down my little fence, they stomp on my garden, with deliberate menace. They jet down our sidewalks on their scooters and bikes, and they expect you to get out or their way. I have tried to have a conversation about this with the parents, but they deny everything, even when it happens if front of their eyes. No one apologizes. They blame it on Black children. I have been fighting this for two years now. I see other people have put up fences around the front of their property lately. Are they just targeting me because I complained, or is there more? I am about to go to the police with video documenting their actions. But I would like to have corroborating evidence, if possible. I'm not targeting a religion or an ethnicity, and I don't solicit comments from racist activists. These are the children and parents of one congregation. These parents need to discipline their children and teach them respect for other people's property and neighborhood.
  • 613/615 Winthrop Ave - Beaver Hills
    Seemingly every warm, or clear day this neighbor is either throwing a party or just playing loud music. The music is so loud that I might as well have the speaker in my yard. In general, they don't do it late at night, but there are some days when I want some reasonably quiet time to work in the yard and enjoy the day.... I wouldn't care if it was once a month, but this is constant, not to mention they either play 95.7 or something that sounds like it's straight out of a bad 80s @#$%. Why must your music be so loud?
  • Blake And Osborn New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills

    Yesterday, 6/16/13, at approximately 950am, while driving on Blake Street, I encountered a child, no more than 6 years old, riding a mini "toy" dirtbike, all over Blake - in the middle of the road, as well as on the sidewalks. No guardian could be located. Now let's be clear, when I say "toy," I do not mean some plastic play bike that a child might be required to pedal or Flintstone. I mean a miniature motorized dirtbike - simply a smaller version of the dirtbikes we frequently see on New Haven's streets and roads.

    Again - this was a YOUNG CHILD, not a teen! Unsupervised, but even if the child had been supervised, what kind of guardian/parent allows their kid to ride something tiny like this in the middle of the road??? The safety issues are harrowing for drivers, as well as for this poor child, who just thinks he's "playing," and who has no doubt seen all of the dirtbikers "having fun" riding. This is how dirtbikers and ATV'ers are influencing our very young children.

    Does anyone living on Blake or surrounding streets know this child and their parent?

  • Snow Removal Archived
    Goffe Terrace New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    Resident would like snow removed from Goffe Terrace between Ella Grasso Boulevard and Ellsworth, very dangerous on incline one side of street has pile of snow making it difficult to drive
  • 140 Bellevue Rd New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Beaver Hills
    140 Bellevue is an abandoned property. The lawn is way overgrown and needs to be taken care of. Who is responsible now for this property?
  • 519 Norton Pkwy New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Beaver Hills
    Resident reports that sidewalk is damaged. Please inspect.
  • 781 Ct-63 New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Beaver Hills
    The State has just started work on roadway improvements that will make The Village more walkable leading to economic development. This property has great potential to house jobs. Please vote if you don't want the City to allow the storage facility.
  • drug deals Archived
    Blake And Osborn New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    Apparent drug deals occur with regularity on Osborn Avenue in the vicinities of Blake Street and Goffe Terrace.
  • Lane shift Archived
    Whalley Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    Driving southeast on Whalley, the lanes shift at the light just before West Rock Ave. There are no markings on the pavement for guidance, so cars in the middle lane often shift to the left lane. I've been forced into oncoming traffic multiple times. Painting the lanes in the intersection would be extremely helpful.
  • Skateboard Park Entrance On Whalley Avenue New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    This is a public park. Can someone from the parks dept please tell me why this gate is frequently locked.
  • 9 th request Archived
    214 Goffee New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    Picture tells it all. You can see each storm layer like tree rings.