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  • trimming Archived
    100 Bellevue Road New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    deadwood in canopy with no leaves all summer, low hanging limbs
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    1504-1506 Ella T Grasso Blvd New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    Owner called to report "again" having tree trimmed as it's giving animals a way to her house. The tree has cause massive mold onto her property. Huge limbs are currently hanging on the wires and they are afraid it will cause power outage. Please assist.
  • Blake New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    Please see above Issue
  • 143 Bellevue Road New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    falling limbs, which has previously damaged resident vehicle
  • 200 Glen Rd New Haven CT 06511, United States - Beaver Hills
    Additional cracks due to tree. Down the sidewalk was repaved- can you continue to complete this block of Glen road?
  • 84 Colony Road New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    (1)tree is located closest to the corner - hanger
    (2)second tree needs a trimming
  • Potholes Archived
    400 Ellsworth Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    As before, after receiving complaints, the city patched up some of the bigger potholes on Ellsworth Avenue between Goffe and Whalley.
    As before, within a few weeks the patches have come off.
    As before, Ellsworth Avenue now poses a danger to bikers and causes damage to the vehicles that drive there.
    Accordingly, the whole street needs to be repaved and not just patched.
  • 29 Whittlesey Ave New Haven , CT - Beaver Hills
    To whom it may concern, I just wanted to raise awareness to a sidewalk issue here. The sidewalk is very bad and needs to be fixed as it is a hazard.
  • 475 Ellsworth Ave New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    I know this tree has already been reported multiple times for the large branch that already fell on the sidewalk. Nothing was done. The remaining branch, however, looks even more dangerous.
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    1679 Ella Grasso Blvd New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
  • 324 Fitch St(Schwartz Hall) New Haven, CT - Southern CT State University

    If this Hydrant is cleared, could you please change the issue status to closed with a comment?
    If it needs to be cleared, would you post a comment letting us know?

    Bonus Points:
    If you add a photo with your comment, this will help us quite a bit.
    If the hydrant is not cleared we encourage you to clear it out if you are able, or ask a neighbor for help.

  • Tree Trimming Archived
    5 Roger White Dr New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    Dead branches on a tree and tree needs to be trimmed back on the corner of house. The tree is located on the Dyer St. side. Please assist.