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  • 1137 Shelmire Ave Philadelphia, PA, 19111, USA - Fox Chase
    Black Nissan Frontier Pick-up Truck. PA PLATE # YZZ1534. Appears to have been involved in an accident. Front end damage. Has been left on the side of house on 7500 block of Tabor Ave for at least 4 weeks. Please have removed or ticketed. Thank you
  • 52nd & Springfield Ave. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Planning District University/Southwest
    For a few months now there have been steel plates over a large hole in the road at intersection 52nd & Springfield Ave. Phila. Mon. 3/24 they took the plates off the road and left the large, deep, hole in the road. Today is Friday, 3/28 and the hole has yet to be filled in. One night when someone is driving and not knowing that road, they will hit that at a good speed and cause a major accident ! Not sure who is responsible for filling in but they should not have taken the plates off if they were not going to fill in the road!
  • Academy Road just past Grant Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19114, USA - Torresdale
    There are multiple potholes in both lanes traveling east on Academy Road just after you cross over Grant Ave. This needs to be repaired immediately. They are causing damage to cars and a risk for accidents due to people trying to drive out of the way of the potholes.
  • Tasker St & Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19148, USA - Pennsport-Whitman-Queen
    Heading north bound on columbus from reed use caution when driving in the far right hand lane there is a pot hole as you approach the intersection at tasker since 8 am there has been sever hubcaps taken and tossed in the air and at 11 am there was a blow out the guys from the car wash was nice enough to p;ace an orange cone out there to a void a major accident .... Way to protect the community men of South Port car wash!!!
  • Spring Garden St. And 20th Or 22nd Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - City Center West
    The light timings are off where the lights are out of sync. It is a very dangerous situation that could easily cause an accident.
  • POTHOLE Open
    On Leigh Ave between SEPVIVA AND TRENTON AVE - Poplar-Ludlow-Yorktowne
  • 418 West Huntingdon Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Hartranft
    There was a car accident on Sunday the 27th of May. The driver knocked over the Fire hydrant ,and took down the stop Sign.
  • 7280-7298 Penrose Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Elmwood
    Coming off the platt bridge toward route 95 and the airport, there are vehicles that bear right onto the ramp for 95 from the left hand lane. Extremely dangerous since vehicles in the right lane that may be going straight and continuing on route 291. I have lost track of the accidents and near miss accidents I have seen as well as the resulting road rage from people. I would suggest a sign that reads "NO TURNS FROM LEFT LANE" on the bridge. Seems like an easy fix.
  • 1450 Saint Vincent Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Oxford Circle
    When cars drive over this area they bottom out. It is an accident waiting to happen. It cannot be seen at night or in rain.
  • 3301 Hunting Park Ave. Philadelphia, PA - Alleghany West
    The guard rail on Hunting Park Ave. At Indiana Ave. has been destroyed due to an automobile accident.
  • 1601 S 11 Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
    traffic signal heading north on 11th is stuck on red, whilst tasker heading west has green - been like this all day. Besides the annoying honking on 11th all day, it's a tbone accident waiting to happen as annoyed people finally give up on the red light and screech north whilst folks on tasker think they have the green.
  • Woodhaven Road Exit At Franklin Mills Blvd Philadelphia, PA - Byberry
    Traffic coming off Woodhaven rd traveling unto Franklin Milld Blvd. Vehicles have a hard time with the blending merge because of the complete lack of broken lines to mark lane travel limits. The two roads are slightly offset, and the feeder to Franklin mills Blvd has 4 lanes to accept this matter-however because of the offset, drivers in the left lane continuously end up "taking" the center lane, and I personnaly have witnes 4 accidents and numerous cases of road rage as a result. The people traveling in the right two lanes get pushed out of the way, or completely taken opff their routed onto Byberry Rd or worse, end up in the parking lot of the Dynasty Buffet. Another reason for the "rush" at this exit is because the EXIT to the property @ Raymour and Flannigan is immediately on the left and people continuously use this one lane (up hill) road to try and sneak into Walmart and avoid the light.