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  • 2500 South 21st Street Philadelphia, PA - Girard Estates
    There is a huge hole in the middle of 2500 South 21st Street. Cars are constantly swerving not to go over it and it is is a 2 way street. An accident is bound to happen.
  • 3744 Spruce St University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA - Cobbs Creek
    I work right next to here, and there is not a single day that passes that this bike lane is not blocked by an illegally parked vehicle. I know this because I have been photographically documenting it for over a year now. I was sent to the hospital after nearly being killed by an individual who was illegally parked here two years ago. Even the UPenn Police sign that occasionally graces this area, reminding drivers they cannot park in the bike lane, is blatantly ignored. There is absolutely no enforcement of traffic laws in this area, and the liability to the City and University has become enormous. Especially because of documented evidence showing that law enforcement from both entities do not enforce the law. This is extremely dangerous, and needs to be fixed before something more tragic than my accident happens. No one's life should be put at risk because an inconsiderate person wants to illegally park to run in and buy coffee at Wawa. And no one's life should be at risk because the people we trust to protect us refuse to enforce the law.
  • 44th And Baltimore Avenue Philadelphia, PA - Cobbs Creek
    There are two large square crater holes a few feet apart from each other next to the trolley tracks that need to get filled in. They are exposing the tracks too. Very deep 2 of them can cause an accident if someone doesn't see them and lands in them. Tx
  • 9658 State Road Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Planning District North Delaware
    Expansion joint on State Rd bridge is missing concrete creating unsafe road conditions.
    This is on the Philadelphia side of State rd. south bound !
    Definitely will blow out your tires. Potential for deadly accident !!!!
  • 4400-4408 Pennsylvania 3 Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA - Cobbs Creek
    There's always a car in this spot outside of 4410 Walnut, and it's a painted-off no parking spot - there's no posted sign though. Cars parked in that spot block view of drivers in a cross street and cause pull-out accidents. Can we please get a posted sign?