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  • 2200 Kelly Dr Philadelphia, PA 19131, USA - Strawberry Mansion
    greetings. for years I have barely avoided many accidents on The kelly drive "path"in part because there is no center line, no signs that say for instance stay right or look behind you when you pass someone. Does anyone know who can be contacted about this or what can be done?
  • Summerdale Ave. Ave Philadelphia, PA 19124 - Summerdale
    Summerdale Ave. from Roosevelt Blvd. to Oxford Ave has many pot holes that have been filled many times. The street is a hazard to drive & a accident waiting to happen by drivers trying to miss the pot holes. Many streets in the area of Oxford Circle have been repaved & they where not no were near as bad as Summerdale Ave.
  • 1001 Cottman Ave. Philadelphia, PA - Fox Chase
    Chuck's Alibi has no respect for there neighbors. There so called valet parking is for a very small parking lot so the valet people park all there patron's cars in the surrounding neighborhood in front of people's houses. Such as on 7300 and 7400 Rising Sun Ave., 7300 Palmetto St. and all over Bleigh St. The patron's also park in front of our house and are very rude when asked to move. They also fill up the lot's of Dunkin Dount's, Wendy's and Custurds Last stand. They are supposed to be towed if parking in these lot's but it is never enforced. The Patron's are loud, rude, and hang out in front of our houses. I saw an accident almost happen right in front of the Alibi because patron's were in the street and patron's were making illegal UTURNS on Oxford Ave. Please notify Chuck's Alibi that this is a residential neighborhood and something needs to be done to respect the neighbor's that live around the restaurant.
  • Ridge Av & Calumet St Philadelphia, PA 19129, USA - East Falls
    Ridge Ave - From Midvale Ave to School House Lane. This block is all tore up even before all the snow. Now it is 10x worse and with the entrance/exit of Rt 76 right there along with the Falls Bridge. This is one big accident ready to happen
  • Intersection At 1500 Hartel And 7700 Dorcas Street Philadelphia, PA - Fox Chase

    We have a lot of children as well as special needs children on our block and myself and neighbors are concerned that one of these drivers will hit a child. Please help....

    I have placed a ticket with the Streets Department and was denied a stop sign due to there investigation.

    Tell me how you due an evaluation of the intersection while parked in your City jeep half way across the walkway and stop sign. Of course the behavior of drivers will change once they see the City Jeep. Well, atleast for most drivers. I have been denied by Patrice Nuble: Please see the reason why in her email below.

    From: Patrice.Nuble
    Cc: Patrice.Nuble
    Sent: Tue, Jun 7, 2011 1:05 pm
    Subject: Fw: SR #142576, 142860, 202146 & - Dorcas Street & Hartel Avenue

    Mr. Labrusciano:

    Please see below message that was sent to you on May 11, 2011.

    Patrice L. Nuble
    Traffic District Engineer
    Department of Streets
    City of Philadelphia

    Patrice Nuble/STREETS/Phila
    05/11/2011 09:25 AM

    cc Patrice Nuble/STREETS/Phila@Phila
    Subject SR #142576, 142860 & 202146 - Dorcas Street & Hartel Avenue

    Dear Mr. Labrusciano:

    This email is in response to your request for an all-way stop installation and/or speed humps at the intersection of Dorcas Street and Hartel Avenue.

    The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code requires that all-way stop and speed controls are warranted by an engineering study and the Streets Department is legally obligated to comply with the Vehicle Code and related PennDOT regulations. The study evaluates conditions at the intersection, such as Police accident records, traffic volumes, speed and sight.

    Our study of this location concluded that the conditions at this intersection do not satisfy the warrants required by the Commonwealth for the installation of all-way stop controls or speed hump.

    Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and for your interest in traffic safety.

    Patrice L. Nuble
    Traffic District Engineer
    Department of Streets
    City of Philadelphia

  • Plow/Salt Archived
    1304 E Columbia Ave Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA - Fishtown
    Columbia Avenue from Frankford to Delaware avenues is a STATE highway. It needs to be plowed and SALTED or you will have the same disaster as last year. Do you really want to pay a contractor to come out lift the ice sheets with a bulldozer and then salt. The City should be held responsible for any accidents and injuries.
  • 2053 South Hemberger St. Apt. 1 Philadelphia, PA - Grays Ferry
    I have call numerous times to 311 and to the police about people coming and going out of this abandon apartment building for some time now, the building is a safe haven for illegal activities in drugs trash dumping kids hang out on the corner of the building at all times of the day and night hours without any parent supervision what so ever, i live at 2223 Snyder Ave right next to the filfth ,the other part of the apartment building 2053 South Hemberger St. Apt.2 door is unsecure the door is wide open, a accident is waiting to happen if the police or L&I don't step in to correct the problems it will be worst.
  • 15th And Castle Ave Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood

    The troubled kids at the playground who don't live around here turned the stop sign sideways again.

    The bolts on this sign need to be welded on not just clamped. It happens often with this stop sign since they can stand on the fireplug next to it and bang if like a backboard.

    The clamps on this sign is not stopping the vandalism to this sign. This is the 4th time 311 had to come out and fix this. UPGRADE THE CLAMPS!

    An accident happens here every month at this intersection.

  • 1219 Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA - City Center East
    I have observed cars starting to turn wrong way. Needs to be addressed to avoid future accidents
  • 1708 Christian St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest
    Pothole continues to get bigger everyday. Drivers have been stopping hard and swerving to miss this pothole which could potential cause an accident. Not to mention the damage to vehicles from hitting it.
  • 750 S 11th St Philadelphia, PA - Wharton-Hawthorne-Bella Vista

    Since Bella Vista Distributor does such a booming business, I understand that they may sometimes need as many as 3 tractor trailers to use the bike lane as a loading zone / unloading zone / parking lot.

    However, while these trucks block traffic and turn a street that could be a 6-lane highway into a one-lane accident-waiting-to-happen, there is no reason for them to leave their engines running.

  • missing crosswalk Acknowledged
    2633 Christian St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest
    The crosswalk is worn away. Combined with difficult to see stop signs, this intersection does not properly alert drivers they need to stop. Most do not and speed through the intersection. Traffic accidents are frequent due to cars turning off of Taney Street pulling in front of non-stopping traffic on Christian Street.