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  • 2053 South Hemberger St. Apt. 1 Philadelphia, PA - Grays Ferry
    I have call numerous times to 311 and to the police about people coming and going out of this abandon apartment building for some time now, the building is a safe haven for illegal activities in drugs trash dumping kids hang out on the corner of the building at all times of the day and night hours without any parent supervision what so ever, i live at 2223 Snyder Ave right next to the filfth ,the other part of the apartment building 2053 South Hemberger St. Apt.2 door is unsecure the door is wide open, a accident is waiting to happen if the police or L&I don't step in to correct the problems it will be worst.
  • 1219 Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA - City Center East
    I have observed cars starting to turn wrong way. Needs to be addressed to avoid future accidents
  • Plow/Salt Archived
    1304 E Columbia Ave Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA - Fishtown
    Columbia Avenue from Frankford to Delaware avenues is a STATE highway. It needs to be plowed and SALTED or you will have the same disaster as last year. Do you really want to pay a contractor to come out lift the ice sheets with a bulldozer and then salt. The City should be held responsible for any accidents and injuries.
  • 750 S 11th St Philadelphia, PA - Wharton-Hawthorne-Bella Vista

    Since Bella Vista Distributor does such a booming business, I understand that they may sometimes need as many as 3 tractor trailers to use the bike lane as a loading zone / unloading zone / parking lot.

    However, while these trucks block traffic and turn a street that could be a 6-lane highway into a one-lane accident-waiting-to-happen, there is no reason for them to leave their engines running.

  • 17th And Tasker Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood
    Stop Light traveling to tasker coming to 17th traffic light is turned facing wrong way. Traffic light is meant for people traveling on 17th but its turned facing tasker so you have two traffic lights one red one green. Lets fix this potential accident waiting to happen!
  • 3900 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA - Cobbs Creek
    Accident ready to happen
  • collision/accident Acknowledged
    4101-4199 U.S. 13 Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA - Cobbs Creek
    This was on January 26, I reported it to the police. I was in the bike lane on Baltimore Ave going straight, the light was green, a white or silver SUV turned without signaling. It merged into the bike lane before turning (before coming to the end of the block), so even though I was braking hard, there was not enough room for me to stop. The rear end of the car, behind the rear tire, swiped my left shoulder, knocked me off my bike as well as my $70 headlight, which it ran over. The car didn't stop, just continued north on 42nd street. It had a vanity license plate that started with "M," but that was all I could make out.
  • 1208 E Columbia Ave Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA - Fishtown

    Street was plowed this morning should be plowed again AND DON'T FORGET THE SALT THIS TIME.

    The street is icing up. Remember in December when none of the streets in 19125 were salted accidents all over the place and cars & trucks sliding for days. Get out here and SALT.

    Columbia Avenue is a state highway and the city gets paid by the state to keep this street cleared!

  • 1948 S 12th St Philadelphia, PA 19148, USA - South Philadelphia

    The concrete pad next to the SEPTA trolley tracks is sinking (possibly from the weight of the buses). The asphalt to the right (west) of this concrete is several inches higher. There is a 10' long section just north of McKean Street where the asphalt forms this 'ledge'.

    If you bump along this with your bike tire, it's like hitting a wall (sideways). I've seen three bike accidents and have reported the issue to 311 to no avail.

  • Spring Garden St Philadelphia, PA - Strawberry Mansion
    The bike lane stripes on Spring Garden St bridge are faded where the bike lane crosses over the 1-76 westbound turn lane for approximately 20-30 feet. This is INCREDIBLY dangerous. I have had four near-accidents with cars at this location, most recently last night. The drivers cannot see the bike lane, which used to be painted bright blue where it crosses into traffic, and is now so faded you can barely see it. They come flying over the bridge and start to veer into the right-hand turn lane, totally unaware that cyclists may be in the lane for 20-30 feet. This should be a high-priority issue in a city with so many new bike commuters.
  • Krewstown And Walley Philadelphia, PA - Bustleton
    overgrown weeds trash debris plastic bags filled trash bags
    school kids has to walk in the street making a highway hazzard a accident waiting to happens
  • 515 W Chelten Ave Philadelphia pa - Germantown
    Hello I'm calling to report idling buses
    Several bus lines at the Hathaway house at the corner of Chelten and WissahickonAve.
    Several bus lines stop right there. this is an apartment complex and office building complex you are unable to see traffic coming towards you when you come out of the driveway. The bus drivers come there on the 18 line the 26 line and Sit there and talk to eachother , read the paper, and talk on the cellphones 4 long periods of time and almost cause many accidents.