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  • State Road Philadelphia, PA - Tacony
    State road where there are 2 lanes approaching the new entrance to 95 S. The right lane goes either straight to 95 or veers to the left continuning on New State Road, while the left lane is only supposed to veer left. People in the left lane do not follow this and think it is ok to merge with the right lane. This is dangerous, stupid and incredibly ignorant to those in the right lane. The sign clearly states you which way both lanes are to go but people refuse to follow the obvious course. Please add another sign/paint the lanes with arrows or post police here. I'm sure it will take an accident for something to be done but it shouldn't have to come to that.
  • Krewstown And Walley Philadelphia, PA - Bustleton
    overgrown weeds trash debris plastic bags filled trash bags
    school kids has to walk in the street making a highway hazzard a accident waiting to happens
  • 515 W Chelten Ave Philadelphia pa - Germantown
    Hello I'm calling to report idling buses
    Several bus lines at the Hathaway house at the corner of Chelten and WissahickonAve.
    Several bus lines stop right there. this is an apartment complex and office building complex you are unable to see traffic coming towards you when you come out of the driveway. The bus drivers come there on the 18 line the 26 line and Sit there and talk to eachother , read the paper, and talk on the cellphones 4 long periods of time and almost cause many accidents.
  • Schuykill Ave W Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA - Cobbs Creek
    30th between Chestnut and Walnut is currently a two lane road where there are signs posted that the right lane must turn right onto Walnut. Everyday during PM rush hour the right lane becomes a second lane to the ramp for 76 East. Two lanes trying to merge onto the ramp causes back up and almost accidents. Please either enforce the traffic signs/patterns or change the signs to allow both lanes to proceed to the ramp during rush hour.
  • 1948 S 12th St Philadelphia, PA 19148, USA - South Philadelphia

    The concrete pad next to the SEPTA trolley tracks is sinking (possibly from the weight of the buses). The asphalt to the right (west) of this concrete is several inches higher. There is a 10' long section just north of McKean Street where the asphalt forms this 'ledge'.

    If you bump along this with your bike tire, it's like hitting a wall (sideways). I've seen three bike accidents and have reported the issue to 311 to no avail.

  • 2425 Grays Ferry Ave Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest
    Grays Ferry was repaved more than a year ago. There used to be two giant X's blocking parking on either side of Catharine so that cars turning from Catharine could see traffic approaching on Grays Ferry. The lines have not been repainting and cars park so close to Catharine so there are accidents and many more near-accidents as cars pull out into traffic to see around these cars. Please paint the X's again! (The problem is exacerbated on Sundays due to the illegal church parking!)
  • 3900 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA - Cobbs Creek
    Accident ready to happen
  • sinkhole Archived
    5286 Webster St Philadelphia, PA 19143 - Cobbs Creek
    close to 53rd on the 5200 block of Webster St., along the curb there is a sinkhole developing. There are many elderly people on the block who park on this side of the street. I'd hate to see one of them step in it by accident.
  • Front & Wasahington Ave Philadelphia, PA - Riverfront
    can the light be changed to a left turning light on washington ave coming westbound. i've seen many accidents when car is trying to turn and can't because the cars coming eastbound have the right of way. if a laeft turning signal is there it would solve these problems
  • 2467 Oregon Ave Philadelphia, PA 19145 - Girard Estates
    both eastbound lanes on Oregon are eaten up...very bad on tires. an accident waiting to happen at speeds of expressway
  • 6363 Tabor Ave Philadelphia, PA 19111 - Summerdale
    the whole length from 5700 Tabor Ave to 6200 Tabor Ave is a joke. These several blocks are riddled with potholes galore. Cars zig-zag non-stop. Accident haven.
  • Depression Archived
    3209 W Coulter St - East Falls
    Water main leak was repaired. Area has settled, causing a significant dip in the street. Causes cars to bottom out. May cause an accident.