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  • 622 E Carver Street Philadelphia, PA - Summerdale
    My neighbor has a severe back-up in their outside drain. The sewage is backing up into my drain and also causes a stench. I recently had to pay to have my drain unclogged, and the contractor told me they have grease in their sewage puddle, and my drain cannot support both houses. I have asked on a few occasions for them to fix the issue. In addition, their drain pipe going up the house is broken and it is currently resting on my awning, which has the potential of causing an accident if it falls on someone below. It has been several months and I need help getting the neighbors to correct their issue, which is causing me problems and money.
  • Depression Archived
    3209 W Coulter St - East Falls
    Water main leak was repaired. Area has settled, causing a significant dip in the street. Causes cars to bottom out. May cause an accident.
  • Front & Wasahington Ave Philadelphia, PA - Riverfront
    can the light be changed to a left turning light on washington ave coming westbound. i've seen many accidents when car is trying to turn and can't because the cars coming eastbound have the right of way. if a laeft turning signal is there it would solve these problems
  • Needs Speed Bumps Acknowledged
    4900 Catharine Street Philadelphia, PA 19143, USA - Cobbs Creek
    All too often people speed down this short stretch of block. There's a popular playground used by many neighborhood children on the south side of the block. Speed bumps would do much to prevent what seems like an almost inevitable accident between motorist and child.
  • Chestnut Between 30th And Entrance To Schuylkill Expressway - Cobbs Creek
    I was struck on Chestnut while in the bike lane, from behind, by a vehicle attempting to cut to the right turn lane early. The driver claimed he never saw me until after he had hit me (hard to believe as this was midday, I was to his right and ahead of him, and it was clear and sunny. This occurred on Wednesday September 15. I went to the scene of the accident today with my wife only to witness another bicyclist down on the ground, struck by a vehicle, at the exact same location, again on a clear and sunny day. This road needs to have several changes made for the safety of the bicyclists using the bridge (which is many). Plastic reflector posts separating the lanes, bright colored painting on the bike lanes, signs and flashing lights warning of heavy bike traffic would all be significant improvements to increase safety. Additionally, concrete dividers (placed along the roadside between bike lane and sidewalk not bike lane and road) would have resulted in me and todays downed cyclist be being crushed. I got lucky in being hit a few feet past them.
  • 2956-3018 Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA - Cobbs Creek

    This is a very dangerous stretch of road for cyclists because the bike lane and right turn lane intersect. I bike it daily and have seen two accidents and numerous near accidents between bicyclists and motorists. Last week my husband's rib was broken when he was struck by a car while biking here. When we returned to the scene to look at it several days later, we found another biker rolling on the ground after having just been hit by a car.

    1) Flashing lights and signs are needed here
    2) bright plastic road dividers should be installed, to limit the area that cars are able to move into the bike lane
    3) and/or more permanent bike lane dividers should be installed to protect cyclists

    Thank you for consideration and assistance.

  • 4246 Richmond St philadelphia, pa - Richmond
    There is a very large, rusty work van in front of my house that has not moved in over 2 months. It appears to have been in an accident & then abandoned. I reported this to 311 a month ago, but nothing has been done about it. My son's bookbag got caught on it's rusty bumper/license plate while boarding his school bus, making this vehicle hazardous.
  • 314 York Ave Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Old City
    The "no parking" anchor sign has been removed, and cars are now parking all the way to the corner. Blocking traffic, handicap ramp and view of pedestrians and traffic.
    This is a small and dangerous intersection where cross traffic on 4th does not have to stop, and there are many accidents and close calls.
  • 2300 Poplar Street Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - North Central
    There is a 25MPH speed limit on this stretch of Poplar street, but the through traffic that comes from Girard, generally drives much faster than that. Is it possible to have speed bumps or even a stop sign placed at the cross of 23rd and Poplar? It's difficult sometimes to even unpack a car as the through traffic goes so fast. There are children of varying ages that live on this street and that walk to school on this street (to Bache Martin). Can something be done to make that street safer and avoid a potential accident?
  • Broad And Packer Philadelphia, PA - Marconi Plaza-Packer Park

    South bound Broad Street at Packer Avenue. The right lane is supposed to be for a right turn only onto Packer Ave to go towards 15th. There is a sign but it is usually ignored. The sign is very small, there are no arrows painted in the street. If you are familiar with the intersection and correctly go straight from the second lane attempting to enter the WWB on ramp and someone in the right lane ignores or does not see the "Must Turn Right" sign there is always a 'situation' where aggressive driving is the result. Not only should there be better signage but I would love to see a stepped up enforcement of this. I've witnessed a few patrol cars waiting for the light to change at that intersection who just ignore what happens.

    Nothing has changed here. Still waiting for an accident or a shooting!!

  • S Columbus Blvd And Christian Street Philadelphia, PA - Queen Village

    The traffic light on northbound Columbus Boulevard at Christian Street has a dangerously quick signal for left turns. Rarely do more than four cars get through it before it turns red.

    Cars must dash through the very short left-turn lane, swing the wheel to the left and drive over wicked bumps and potholes.

    Something must be done about the road (already reported) and about the signal timing. This is an accident waiting to happen. A simple tweak to, say, 15 seconds might save a life.

  • 6200 Jackson St Philadelphia, PA - Wissanoming