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  • Eakins Circle/Benjamin Franklin Pkwy/Spring Garden Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Logan Square
    At the southern side of Eakins Circle, as Benjamin Franklin Parkway is splitting off and Spring Garden bike lanes are beginning. A pothole/uneven pavement near this location right before merging into spring garden bike lanes. Seems like an accident waiting to happen ... have almost been knocked off my bike here more than once due to the impact of the uneven pavement -- in the midst of being aware of heavy traffic and signalling to merge towards bike lane.
  • 708 Dickinson St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Passyunk Square
    Deep and dangerous ruts have developed between 10 and 5 streets on Dickenson. The ruts MOVE your car towards parked cars. Accidents are bound to happen
  • 622 E Carver Street Philadelphia, PA - Summerdale
    My neighbor has a severe back-up in their outside drain. The sewage is backing up into my drain and also causes a stench. I recently had to pay to have my drain unclogged, and the contractor told me they have grease in their sewage puddle, and my drain cannot support both houses. I have asked on a few occasions for them to fix the issue. In addition, their drain pipe going up the house is broken and it is currently resting on my awning, which has the potential of causing an accident if it falls on someone below. It has been several months and I need help getting the neighbors to correct their issue, which is causing me problems and money.
  • 314 York Ave Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Old City
    The "no parking" anchor sign has been removed, and cars are now parking all the way to the corner. Blocking traffic, handicap ramp and view of pedestrians and traffic.
    This is a small and dangerous intersection where cross traffic on 4th does not have to stop, and there are many accidents and close calls.
  • 7910 State Road Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Holmesburg
    There has been several accidents at this intersection due to the fact the turning lane facing north on State road to turn left onto Rhawn is totally worn off. The south bound traffic runs right into the north bound turning lane. Very bad accident the other night with faultily happened here. The entire stretch of State Road from Cottman to Rhawn needs new lines as well. It's all worn off and people are all over the road due to this.
  • 4055 Ridge Ave Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Alleghany West
    There was an accident on Ridge ave 5.5 weeks ago in front of the apartment community that I manage. We have called 311 15 times to have the fire hydrant repaired, someone came out and put caution sign up but did not fixed the fire hydrant they left it on the ground that was after 5 phone calls. At the 10 phone call someone came out and put the hydrate up. On the 15 phone call we still do not have anyone here to fix it. who is paying for the water and the person who fell?
    For the whole 5 weeks it has been leaking and since the water is continuously flowing it froze up and someone fell
    and was hurt. I saw the water deportment out here Saturday night and it is still leaking. How many phone calls should we make before it i fixed.
  • 2099 Bridge St Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Frankford, Philadelphia
    A car accident ending up crashing into the fire hydrants and the fire hydrants has been sitting on the side walk for more then 2 months now. Not safe at all !!!
  • 3064 Allen Street Philadelphia Pennsylvania - Richmond
    The left hand turn coming from 95 North at Exit 25 (Allegheny) is blind due to fencing and high brush growth. E Allegheny Avenue is also frequented by large trucks. I've been honked at and nearly hit a couple times as I creep out to get a look past the turn. Hoping for the city to increase visibility around the turn to avoid accidents. Potential solution is to clear the brush and evaluate if the fence needs to be repositioned.
  • 1201 Shelmire Ave. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Fox Chase
    Abandon Toyota Camry, Light Gray, PA Plate # ERT 5742. Front End smashed In, appears to have been in an accident. Been parked there for over a week.
  • 4055 Ridge Ave Philadelphia, PA - Alleghany West
    car accident took out fire hydrant between 4035 and 4055 Ridge Ave. My apartment community’is right in front of the missing hydrant. In the event of a fire there will not be a water supply. We have made several calls regarding this and have been transferee to different departments but still no resolve.
  • 6599 N 16th St Philadelphia, PA 19126 - Oak Lane

    The North - South Traffic Light on 16th Street, that is used to cross 66th Avenue does not show a read light.

    The Green light works.
    The yellow light works.
    Once it is time for a red light, the stop light goes completely blank. Many drivers have crossed the light assuming that the stop light does not work at all.

    This increases the risk of car accidents.

  • 8714-8798 Ridge Ave Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA - Roxborough
    Street should be plowed again. Street is a five-lane busy road in Andorra. Was plowed, sort of. Whoever plowed left four to six huge mountains of snow in the middle of the North/South lanes between Cathedral Rd. and Manatawna Av. Makes zero sense that this was done. Could easily cause accidents. The inner lane was not plowed at all above Manatawna all the way to the city limit!