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Dearborn Co IN; I-275; I-74; UC

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  • 3489 3495 Central Pkwy Cincinnati, OH - Camp Washington
    Signs clearly state "No Parking [6?]7-9 am Violators Will Be Towed" yet cars have been parked there numerous mornings the past 2-3 weeks. When you exit I-74 and are suddenly greeted by an unexpected parked vehicle it's an accident waiting to happen and not appreciated. I realized our dedicated officers have serious matters of which to attend but could this be addressed? Thank you!
  • Shephard Road - Near I-74 Overpass Cincinnati, OH - Monfort Heights South
    there is a pothole on the downhill side of Shepherd Creek Road where it runs under I-74 - it has been there for quite a while and keeps getting bigger
  • Interstate 275 lawrenceburg, Kentucky - Dearborn County
    From Indiana to Kentucky 275 bridge right lane. Lots of big holes and rocks everywhere