City of Quincy Mayor

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Nhận Thông báo Về

  • 5 Prospect Avenue Quincy, MA 02170, USA - Quincy
    Hanniford shopping cart on corner
  • Large Pothole Acknowledged
    Pine And Sherman quincy, MA - Quincy
    There is a large pothole on Pine Street right before the stop sign at Sherman Street.
  • 50 Presidents Avenue Quincy, MA 02169, USA - Quincy
    Dead rat in street
  • Snow Plowing Archived
    7 Cyril Street Quincy, MA 02169, USA - Quincy
    bus stops along Sea st. and other route.
  • 99-199 Pleasant Street Quincy, MA 02169, USA - Quincy
    Abandoned shopping carry at Abigail Adams park
  • West Squantum St And Small Street Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    There should be a crosswalk created on west squantum street between fayette street and belmont streets. Everyday there are children going to/from school or the park crossing this stretch dodging traffic.
  • safety Open
    Thayer Street Quincy, MA - Quincy
  • broken street lamp Acknowledged
    21 Lancaster Street Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    Corner of fowler and lancaster
  • 29 Brook Road Quincy, MA 02169, USA - Quincy
    Mattress and tv left out on curb
  • 23 Richard Street Quincy, MA 02169, USA - Quincy
    Sidewalk in need of repair due to tree roots in front of 23 Richard St. Cracks getting larger and causing a tripping hazard.
  • 49-69 Sea Street Quincy, MA 02169, USA - Quincy
    Speed limit sign blocked by tree branches
  • 37 Kendall St Quincy, MA - Quincy
    There is no footpath plowed or shoveled beginning where one crosses the street from North Quincy T station to Hancock St. Panera Bread, Wash and Dry, Hess Express do not have any room with all their accumulated snow banks. Pedestrians are walking in the street and it is very dangerous especially at night. Please have these businesses or the city make these footpaths available. There is also no footpath on the street beginning where Commander Shea Blvd merges into Hancock St, leading to the right turn into the North Quincy T parking lot. Thank you.