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  • Potholes Acknowledged
    168 Furnace Brook Parkway Quincy, MA 02169, USA - Quincy
    Both ends of Bailey St
  • 222-262 Newport Ave Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    The sidewalk on Newport Ave., between N. Central Ave and Elmwood Ave. Are all damaged from uprooted trees. It doesn't matter as much to me because I don't have mobility issues, but I saw a wheelchair bound man riding dangerously in traffic to avoid the sidewalk.
    It also can be hazardous to walk at night due to lack of lighting to expose the areas that are uprooted providing for a major trip hazard.
  • W Squantum St & Hancock St Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    The on-street left arrow on W. Squantum Street (near the Shell Station) indicating a LEFT onto Hancock Street needs repainting
  • 664-674 Adams Street Quincy, MA 02169, USA - Quincy
    Traffic enforcement for pedestrian crossing as well as repainting is needed.
  • 766-788 Massachusetts 3a Quincy, MA 02170, USA - Quincy
  • Lights are out Acknowledged
    200 Crown Colony Dr Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy

    A popular street, and local access to the highway should be illuminated. The lights have been out for about a month now.

    Six months later and the lights are still out. Comments added.

  • 424 Willard Street Quincy, MA 02169, USA - Quincy
    Drivers don't yield to rotary traffic. Worst during the evening commute.
  • East Squantum St Quincy, MA - Quincy
    I swerved to avoid a pothole adjacent to a manhole/sewer cover on E. Squantum near Appleton St, to prevent a potential flat tire. I was subsequently issued a $100 citation by James Borden of the Quincy Police Department for a marked lane violation. Please repair as soon as possible and kindly send confirmation.
  • Beale Street At Greenwood Ave. - Quincy
    Watch area for Quincy, Mass.
    This is a busy intersection for walkers going to/from the Wollaston T and seniors who live in the senior housing in the neighborhood. Drivers constantly go through the red light to take a right on red and even left on red when the walk signal is chirping. It is very dangerous for walkers.
  • 1076 Sea Street Quincy, MA - Quincy
    The house at 1076 Sea has 2nd floor residents who store their trash on the roof of the first floor enclosed porch and, now, on the side roof. You can see it almost everyday but always on Sundays before trash days. This week the roof had multiple large trash bag, bed comforter (?) and coolers. See photos Please help!
  • Billings Rd Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    I was walking odd side of Billings Rd. around 225-245 I am am 71 year old senior. I tripped on sidewalk that is very uneven from tree roots. I landed flat on my face. My cheek bone has large lump, both knees, legs, arms hands chin all are hurting. Can hardly move or walk. Had sunglasses on, they were scraped by the impact of my face hitting the concrete.I think the glasses saved me from splitting my eye or face opened. The woman in house came running out to help me. I had the wind knocked out of me also. She said she was going to call the city and report this. Not exactly sure of address, will try and check on Sunday, too sore to move right now. Hopefully I have not broken anything. Grateful I did not knock out any teeth. Can something be done. This is very dangerous. Trying to walk to stay healthy, now feel like I have been beat up
  • Granite St Connector Quincy, MA 02169, USA - Quincy
    since the cut through opened to hancock st this intersection is congested beyond belief. There's constantly traffic backup and cars running lights at the last minute and blocking Burgin parkway.