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  • 110 E Hollis St Nashua, New Hampshire - Nashua
    Two street lights at the intersection of E Hollis St and Arlington St are burned-out.
  • E Hollis St And Main St - Nashua
    Crosswalk signal beeps constantly, even when stoplights are green. 24 hours a day. This makes it impossible for a blind person to know when to cross the road safely without assistance. City of Nashua may want to be prepared for lawsuits. This has been going on since before Christmas 2013.
  • The State of NH needs some serious MA highway help. Look at 93's massive pileup. Need I say more?
  • Charron Avenue Nashua, New Hampshire - Nashua
    The railroad crossing sign for northbound Charron traffic is missing.
  • 12 Simon Street Nashua, New Hampshire - Nashua
    I hit this pot hole yesterday 4/17/14 and sustained $175 in damage to my car. I reported it to the Street Department.
  • 32 Burke St - Nashua
    unregistered camper in backyard being used as a stoarge shed. very old and dumpy looking. poor neighbor next door walks out back door and this is all she has to look at. city has been told numerous times and nothing has happened. owner lives down south and has not taken it when he left. whole house is a dump!
  • 29 Burke St 06401 - Nashua
    drug dealer selling here mostly at night in the lower right apartment. vending machines in the front yard
  • Amherst - Main Nashua, NH 03064, USA - Nashua
    Exposed metal in pothole on Canal St at corner with Main & Concord
  • 339 Main Street Nashua, NH 03060, USA - Nashua
    Crosswalk light comes on between every light change. Even when no one is there to push the buttons.
  • 31-69 Somerset Pkwy Nashua, NH - Nashua

    The green light on the right-turn lane traffic signal has been burnt-out for about all summer. Since that it is mounted on the pole itself, it does not really cause confusion because there are two other working green lights overhead.

    NOTE: The image provided was taken in 2007.

  • 37-39 Concord Street Nashua, NH 03064, USA - Nashua
    Sidewalk on East side of Concord, just south of Laton Street, in front of red apartment building. Pedestrians forced into road.
  • Downed wires Archived
    45 Whitford Rd Nashua, NH, 03062, USA - Nashua
    Telephone pole "15-7" has wires dangling down from it. 40-block even numbered side of Whitford Rd, Nashua