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A city of 90,000 people in the heart of south western Ontario, Brantford is named for Captain Joseph Thayendanegea Brant, a Mohawk Chief who led the Six Nations People from upper New York State to the Grand River basin where they established their village in 1784.

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  • 31 35 Icomm Dr Brantford, ON N3S 7S9, Canada - Ward 5

    I ride across this junction safely, yet I am still concerned my wheel will catch between the track and asphalt and throw me from my bike.

    The main issues are:

    1) The asphalt between the tracks is in some places several inches higher than the tracks themselves.

    2) The crack between the track and asphalt is fairly wide.

    3) The asphalt is dangerously uneven.

  • Gilkison St Brantford, ON - Brantford
    This is the most heavily used park in the city, and the only off-leash park. In the winter, the usable hours of this park are limited to daylight hours (before 6pm, between November and May). During the summer, the park is regularly busy until 9pm. Not everyone can get their dog out for a run before 6pm. We need lights in this park.
  • Cats! Archived
    Mission Brantford, ON - Brantford

    I have noticed an infestation of cats recently in my neighbourhood. Please, those who own outdoor cats you have an obligation to your neighbourhood to spay/neuter your animal, so it does not over populate the area.
    I have two cats of my own that do not go outside. However, cats that over populate can pick up feline HIV and spred it through hissing at other cats through screens. Be a responsible pet owner.

    I have included an image of the cat that lives under my deck. If you own him please take care of him so he doesn't poo in my garden.

  • 12 Mckenzie Ave Brantford, Ontario - Brantford
    There has been a street light out on the corner of McKenzie ave and John street for over a month. This is a safety issue for kids playing, pedestrians walking also vehicle/ property damage and break ins.
    I filed a service report with the city and no one got back to me as well as emailed my councillors they have said they will look into it but no response yet.
    Hope this issue gets fixed soon
  • 89 Peel St Brantford, ON N3S 5M3, Canada - Ward 5

    I pass this property every day (its a block from my house).

    Hundreds of cars pass this corner every day.

    Maybe we might have noticed this sooner if the traffic also went the other way....

  • Lorne Park Brantford, Canada - Brantford

    I believe this is a cosmetic fix.

    Lorne Park often used in photography; weddings, engagement, graduation, etc. Not the only use of course.

    Green paint on the bench in front of the large weeping willow tree (grand staircase in the background) is peeling, chipping, and cracking, very, very badly. It has been for a very long time. Before it seemed to add character, made it look antique, but now... when you sit there in anything besides denim, you have to be very careful when you get up.

    I was taking graduation photos recently. Thankful I had the foresight to bring something for the graduate to sit on. The peeling, chipping, cracked paint caused lose threads. I cannot even imagine the damage it would have done to the graduates delicate dress, had I not put something on the bench for them to sit on.

    I am not sure if this is important to others. Surely it is not a dire need, but I believe it should be something looked after.

  • graffitti Archived
    Top Floor parking garage Brantford, Canada - Brantford
    a disappointing lack of care
  • Fieldgate Cres Brantford On Canada - Brantford
    there are many lights out or not functioning properly, making the streets dark for late afternoon and evening walking. Taxpayers request that they be replaced as soon as possible from today's date, November 8th, 2009
  • 11 51 Colborne St Brantford, ON N3T 2G3, Canada - Ward 5
    I don't know...could just be my old age but...I saw some heritage buildings in the downtown being destroyed this week!!! Someone better fix this fast...wait...oh...nevermind......
  • street lights Archived
    15 James Ave Brantford, ONtario - Brantford
    Please fix the lights on my block there is 3 that do not work one across the strret and 2 down from there
  • Ppowerline Rd Bike Path Brantford, ON N3P 1Z4, Canada - Brantford
    A Green and Ross van or a large black pick up is parking on the side of the bike path and crossing the ditch and bike path to do this. It near Brantwood Park Rd on Powerline Rd
  • graffiti Archived
    Off The Parking Lot At 33-53 Dalhousie St Brantford, ON N3T 2H9, Canada - Ward 5
    lots of graffiti off the back of these buildings along the public parking lot off Dalhousie at King Street