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Lyon Park and bike areas nearby

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  • S Washington Blvd & U.S. 50 Arlington, VA 22204, USA - Arlington
    Drivers coming off of Route 50 merging onto Washington Blvd going south routinely ignore, at high speeds, the two very large yield signs alerting them that traffic is also trying to merge OFF of Washington Blvd to get onto S. Courthouse Rd. There needs to be oversized STOP signs for the drivers coming off of Route 50 before there's a serious accident. Greater enforcement of the required yield from Arlington police could send a clear message as well.
  • S Walter Reed Dr Arlington, VA - Penrose
    The merge from S. Walter Reed Drive to Washington Blvd heading towards DC is terrible. I've complained about it before. There's a wreck here probably monthly. I was hit from behind this week by a car that was looking back at oncoming traffic and didn't see I wasn't out of her way yet. Please add a light or something. Traffic from Washington Blvd and Arlington Blvd merge at this same point all doing 50+ MPH and it is a total mess.
  • 3138 10th Street N Arlington, VA - Lyon Park
    10th St N & Irving St. there is a crosswalk which NO cars ever observe. There are clearly marked fines for cars but every single time I use this crosswalk I am in fear for my life. Everyone I know who uses this feels the same way. It is time we get lights or something else!
  • Fairfax & Kirkwood Intersection Arlington , va - Ballston-Virginia Square
    The pedestrian light crossing Kirkwood on the N side of Fairfax frequently malfunctions. The whole area (including the Wilson Blvd Xing 1/4 block away) is very bad for cyclists, with no way to turn left from Kirkwood/10th St on to Wilson (from either direction).
  • 3227-3251 Washington Blvd Arlington, VA 22201, USA - Lyon Village
    Road in bad shape. Restriping necessary. And lane ID lights need to be bright enough so that you can see them in the setting sun.
  • 2751-2799 9th Street North Arlington, VA - Lyon Park
    Drivers on 9th St N are required to stop. Many drivers on the smaller Daniel street stop unnecessarily. It is time to change this to an official four-way stop intersection. Would be less confusing and safer.
  • 805 N. Barton St. Arlington, VA - Lyon Park
    Has been out for some time. A repair tag was attached but it is still dark. Pole number CO918, VE49
  • S Walter Reed Dr Arlington, VA - Penrose
    Cars merge from Arlington Blvd and Walter Reed dr. on to Wash. Blvd at the same place There are lots of No-Merge signs, but traffic is too fast there in the morning for persons trying to get on from Walter Reed Dr. after a stop sign. Many accidents. I'd recommend restricting Wash Blvd to one lane after the bridge, and adding a light only for the Arlington blvd merge lane to allow the persons from WW Dr. to get on the highway without risking their lives.
  • N Kirkwood Rd Arlington, VA - Ballston-Virginia Square
    There are two lanes heading westbound on Fairfax Dr from the 3200 block that don't line up with the lanes in the 3300 block. Drivers in the left lane assume that the right lane is turn only and therefore go from the left lane to the right while travelling through the intersection. Meanwhile the auto in the right lane has to avoid the left lane car coming into it's lane. There needs to be signs or lines painted indicating that both lanes go straight or a sign indicating that the right lane is turn only.
  • 2400 Arlington Blvd Arlington, VA - Arlington
    Any major rainfall creates a pond in the left lane under this newly replaced bridge on southbound and northbound sides of Washington Blvd. Surprised that better stormwater management was not a part of the project.
  • 2101-2119 Arlington Blvd Arlington, VA 22201, USA - Arlington
    Arlington Blvd between the Marine Corp Memorial and Pershing Drive has been under construction for about 18 months now. It was supposed to last about 6 months. The left lane has been blocked all this time and it backs up during rush hour. When will it ever end?
  • N Barton St Arlington, VA - Lyon Park
    Phone, cable, FIOS. Who knows. Wires hanging off pole and dangling in crosswalk. Hazardous to pedestrians and vehicles.