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  • 3733-3749 American Blvd W Bloomington, MN 55431, USA - Bloomington
    Several large potholes right before this intersection
  • 4600 West 90th Street Bloomington, Minnesota - Bloomington
    From Morris Road/Poplar Bridge Road entrance up the hill and over Normandale Road to Hyland Park entrance the roads have been plowed into the shoulders making it very difficult to bike without moving into traffic. Please remember those of us who continue to use alternative transportation in the winter and clean the roads all the way to the curb rather than just the driving lanes, to do anything else greatly increases our risk of injury while riding.
  • 9240 Washburn Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55431, USA - Bloomington
    Dodge Caravan, Silver, disabled, no wipers, missing headlight. exhaust falling off.
  • 3653-3847 American Blvd W Bloomington, MN 55431, USA - Bloomington
    Off American Blvd. when turning to go north on France Ave towards 494. They get bigger by the day!
  • W78th Street And Normandale Road Bloomington, MN - Bloomington
    There are multiple potholes all along the turing and along W 78th street upto the turn to Viking street
  • East Bound Ramp To Hwy ;62 Off Gleason Minneapolis, Minnesota - Bloomington
  • Side Streets richfield, Minnesota - Bloomington
    Would it be possible to put salt on the side streets? The main streets (Penn, W. 66th, Xerxes) are all clear to the pavement but the side streets are covered in ice and it's dangerous to walk and drive. THANKS
  • 9240 Washburn Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55431, USA - Bloomington
    Non street legal dodge minivan. no headlights, wipers, etc. not driven. plate 572 XEK
  • Corner Of Penn And American Blvd bloomington , MN - Bloomington
    Going east on American Blvd and taking a left onto Penn Ave from the right turn lane on American there is a large pothole and/or the road is uneven and causes cars when they hit it to veer
  • 7901-7999 France Avenue South Bloomington, MN 55435, USA - Bloomington
    Piles of garbage along fencing. Pretty nasty.
  • I-35w N Bloomington 55420, United States - Bloomington
    Drivers getting off of 35W N for 494 W are not slowing down for traffic getting off of 494 E risking a collision.
  • 7600 W 78th St Minneapolis, MN 55439, USA - Bloomington