City of Bloomington Maintenance Division

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  • 7945 Portland Av S Minneapolis, Minnesota - Bloomington
    Hole on Northbound lane.
  • 84th Between Penn & France Avenue Bloomington, Minnesota - Bloomington
    All the way down 84th between penn ave & France are potholes. All 4 lanes
  • 8101-8159 Knox Avenue South Bloomington, MN 55431, USA - Bloomington
    Large potholes right in the turning lane.
  • 3600-4198 American Blvd E Bloomington, MN 55425, USA - Bloomington
    Winter trash overwhelms area
  • 9012 15th Ave S Bloomington 55425, United States - Bloomington
    A no parking sign was hit and the post seared off at the ground. Still laying by the side of 90th St between 14th and 15th Ave
  • 20000 Portland Ave S. Minneapolis, Minnesota - Bloomington
    time limid parking valiotion
  • 8351 Marth Road Bloomington, Minnesota - Bloomington
    There's a dead dear along the fence of the roundabout closest to Marth Rd
  • 9401-9499 Yosemite Rd S Bloomington, MN - Bloomington

    Street light out on east side of street betwwen 9417 and 9435 address on Yosemite rioad

    Been out for about 2 months.

  • 10948 Chowen Bloomington, MN - Bloomington
    The property owner is using residential property as a tree cutting service. This is a residential area and not zoned or permitted for such use. The yard is in disarray due to the labor being done on the property. Can see from golf course.
  • 7839 12th Avenue South Richfield/Hennepin, Minnesota - Bloomington
    HUGE Pothole northbound lane
  • Pothole Open
    8200 Portland Ave. So MN 55420, USA - Bloomington
    Pothole near fire-hydrant on west side just south of 82nd. st.
  • 7839 12th Ave S RIchfield/County, Minnesota - Bloomington
    HUGE Pothole northbound lane