City of Bloomington Maintenance Division

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  • 8800 Emerson Ave South Bloomington, Minnesota - Bloomington
    Street light out on 88th & Emerson
  • Street Light Archived
    9320 Penn Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55431, USA - Bloomington
  • 4 Appletree Square Minneapolis, MN 55425, USA - Bloomington
  • 7831 Glenroy Rd Minneapolis, MN, 55439, USA - Bloomington
    Multiple, very large potholes. Causing damage to vehicles and vehicles getting stuck
  • 2600 American Blvd bloomington, MN - Bloomington
    if traveling East on American Blvd., making a left turn to the Rainbow Foods parking lot is the longest wait of the modern world.
  • 11108 Drew Ave S Bloomington 55431 United States - Bloomington
    Tall grass and weeds exceeding 10 inches throughout the property
  • 4801 W. 96th St. Bloomington Minnesota - Bloomington

    Overhead Street light out, across the street from house at 4801 W. 96th St. Light is actually at the intersection of W. 96th St. and Oxborough Rd. on the North side of the street.
    Please fix.

    Fixed within 30 days

  • 9512 Riverview Ave So. Bloomington, Minnesota - Bloomington
    Street light cycles on and off. Mostly off.
  • Overlook Drive Between Thomas And Queen Aves Bloomington , MN - Bloomington
    Dead rabbit in middle of road between Thomas and Queen avenues on Overlook Drive