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  • 900-1024 West Old Shakopee Road Bloomington, Minnesota - Bloomington
    Too many drivers exiting from 35W southbound are ignorant to yielding on unprotected green light to traffic turning on green light from Dupont Ave. Freeway traffic needs a sign on the traffic light indicating the need to yield. Please install "Left Turn Yield On Green" sign.
  • 201-299 American Boulevard East Bloomington, MN - Bloomington
    The center island over grown bushes make it very difficult to see on coming traffic from all turn lanes between Portland and Nicolet Ave on American Blvd.
  • 8534 Columbus Ave S Bloomington, MN - Bloomington
    At 8534 Columbus Ave S there are bushes right next to the sidewalk that are blocking the view of on-coming traffic if you are trying to make a left or right turn while driving south on Park Ave S.
  • short lights Archived
    2301-2399 American Boulevard West Bloomington, MN 55431, USA - Bloomington
    Did lights are too short headed east and west on American Boulevard. They literally last 10 seconds long and the traffic going east and west is much more busy than the traffic on Penn itself
  • 102nd st Archived
    5200 W 102nd St Bloomington, MN 55437, USA - Bloomington
    whole street from Jefferson High School to Normandale needs to be repaved. once mess of potholes and cracks
  • Dandelions! Archived
    Dred Scott Playfield Bloomington, MN - Bloomington
    The grass patches surrounding the Dred Scott Playfields, notably on the east and southeast corners (near intersection of Bloomington Ferry Rd and Minnesota Bluff Rd) are overrun with dandelions (some of which are nearly knee high) and make the area look dreadful! Dred Scott is a great park and surrounded by beautiful neighborhoods, but I fear that any potential resident driving past these dandelion fields would thing it looks cheap / rundown and opt to pursue houses in other communities instead. Could somebody please spread weed killer, or at a minimum, mow the grass? Thanks
  • Ensign/Veness Minneapolis, Minnesota - Bloomington
    West bound left turn lane light activates without a vehicle present delaying the rotation and detection of vehicles from other (north/south) routes. At times, the north/south routes are ignored and skipped with multiple cars present and waiting as much as 5 mins or longer. North/south detection needs to be improved
  • 3653-3847 American Blvd W Bloomington, MN 55431, USA - Bloomington
    Several large potholes eastbound on American blvd right after the intersection of France Ave
  • 7842 12th Ave S Bloomington, MN 55425, USA - Bloomington
    This path from 494 to American Blvd is very busy. Please clear snow from the path ASAP to make accessible for all users.
  • 8000 W 78th St Minneapolis, MN 55439, USA - Bloomington
    green light on right side, lower signal, is out
  • E78th St Btwn 12thave And Portland Richfield, Minnesota - Richfield
    this stretch of road is littered w/potholes and ruts, please fix!!
  • 5290-5298 West Old Shakopee Road Bloomington, Minnesota - Bloomington
    This stoplight is causing 10 minute delays to westbound traffic. Cars will have to wait 4-7 green lights before they are able to get through. The traffic will back up to the railroad tracks and beyond.