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  • American Blvd W Bloomington, MN - Bloomington
    during rush hour, takes 19 minutes to drive France to Lyndale on American Blvd -- a little more than a mile. Parallel I-494 stop & go hours each day. Often at Penn, only 3 or 4 cars each lane get through on a green light. Doesn't help, that cars don't move promptly on green. A right-turn lane would help.
  • 34th Avenue South And American Blvd Bloomington, MN - Bloomington
    The green turn arrow for turning from southbound 34th to eastbound american blvd is out on 2 signals.
  • France Ave S & W 78th St & Mn-5 Bloomington, MN 55435, USA - Bloomington
    ped signal button needs repair
  • Interstate 494 Bloomington, MN 55431, USA - Bloomington
    these potholes are worth dodging. They are ridiculously huge
  • 1200 E 94th St Minneapolis, MN 55425, USA - Bloomington
    Storm drain grate displace might cause an issue with snow plows catching it with there blade or collapse if a car parked on it
  • Pothole Archived
    Highway 5 Bloomington, MN 55431, USA - Bloomington
  • 3203-3225 American Blvd E Bloomington, MN - Bloomington
    Especially bad if you are trying to exit International Drive going East.
  • 6924 W 83rd St Minneapolis, MN - Bloomington
    Multiple times our neighborhood has been filled with wood smoke. I almost called the fire department, assuming there was a house fire. It smelled rancid and smoke was everywhere. We all got bad headaches. If this is you burning the wood, please be considerate of others. Thank you.
  • Interstate 494 Bloomington, MN - Bloomington
    Giant pot hole on the white line markers between the left and middle lanes between Xerxes and Penn.
    I'm pretty sure this monster could buck me off my motorcycle.
    There is a second one between the lane markers not too far away near France too.
  • 10801 Bloomington Ferry Rd Bloomington, MN - Bloomington
    The stop light going southbound at Bloomington Ferry Road and Old Shakopee Rd does not trigger for motorcycles. I'm constantly running this stoplight!
  • 9601-9799 Collegeview Rd Bloomington, MN 55431, USA - Bloomington
    Collegeview Road between Normandale's North and South parking lots is like the surface of the moon. There is no escaping the smorgasbord of potholes in all 4 lanes even if you swerve into oncoming traffic.
  • 9601-9799 Collegeview Rd Bloomington, MN 55431, USA - Bloomington
    Lot #2 West entrance