Callowhill Neighborhood

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Watching issues created after: 2011-07-22

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  • 1201-1299 Carlton St Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA - Callowhill
    Between Vine and Hamilton on 13th at approximately 8:45pm there were two drug dealers on the corner of 13th and Vine and 3 men working the block between Callowhill and Hamilton. As cars drive north on 13th they turn towards the cars and suggestively touch their crotches.
  • 13th And Spring Garden Philadelphia, PA - Callowhill
    The Northbound 13th St. traffic light is malfunctioning; the lights go all red and only briefly cycle to green causing dangerous congestion on 13th St south of Spring Garden.
  • Big sink hole Archived
    812 Callowhill St Philadelphia, PA 19123 - Callowhill
    large sink hole, rightlane 8th and Callowhill.
  • 427 N Broad St Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA - Callowhill

    Mathematics, Civics and Sciences Charter School teachers have been breaking traffic laws while putting students and area residents in danger. During dismissal some teachers leave the school parking lot at 1316 Buttonwood Street driving down the one way street the wrong way against traffic. It has been happening occasionally for at least 2 years. Founder of school and 6th District Police have been notified with little or no positive result.

    Our teachers are figures in the community who need to lead by example and cannot behave above the law in spite of children or local resident safety.

  • 361 N 9th St Philadelphia, PA 19107 - Callowhill
    There are two large pot holes as you take this street from Callowhill to Vine, on 9th street. One is on the right, about 15 feet ahead a bigger one on the left. It's hard not to hit at least one! Fix this already!!!
  • Vehicle Idling Acknowledged
    900-998 Carlton St Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA - Callowhill

    Record the time of day, type of vehicle, duration of idling, and if you have seen idling at this location before

    A warehouse located next to 326 North 9th street Philadelphia Pa 19107 will leave their company truck idle everyday in the morning from 6am - 12pm. Occasionally the truck will return and stay idle from 1pm-4pm or late at night from 9pm-12am. Duration time of idling can vary each time. Residents have reported to police 911 and filed a claim for idling issue. However there has been no change since the last report. Owner of the warehouse is aware of the issue but refused to turn off the truck for their convenience to load items on/off the truck.

  • 333-399 N 13th St Philadelphia, PA 19108, USA - Callowhill
  • 1300 Wood Street Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Callowhill
    Drivers, bikers, and pedestrians heading east on Wood Street are unable to see cross traffic heading north on 13th Street due to vehicles (often U-Haul trucks from the adjacent facility) parked on the west side of 13th Street. Parking should not be allowed here, or, alternatively, a mirror should be installed on the northeast corner to allow visibility.
  • 1114-1122 Callowhill St Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA - Callowhill
    Large tag on brick wall on Callowhill