Humboldt Park

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  • 1106 N Keystone Ave Chicago, IL - Humboldt Park
    Home's previous tenant deceased a year ago and has been invaded by gang bangers. Constant drug dealing/robberies/prostitution committed to this address. Guns are also being stored here. House and garage needs to be demolished or boarded up. It is a big problem in this neighborhood.
  • 1522 N. Keystone Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 30
    This home has been a haven for gangbangers and scrappers. The windows at the basement level are boarded but the door is smashed and there are people occupying it. Update!!!Now the garden apartment door has been taken off and squatters are living in it. It needs to be boarded up again
  • 600-666 N Sacramento Blvd Chicago, IL 60612, USA - Humboldt Park
    20 ft long mud puddle/ pot hole area is preventing traffic from using the north bound right lane. it's been this way for months and months.
  • 4411 West Walton Street Chicago, IL 60651, USA - Chicago Ward 37
  • 2601 W Grand Ave Chicago, Illinois - Humboldt Park
    Approximately 3' x 3' sinkhole in the southernmost eastbound traffic lane immediately west of a bus stop. It is significant enough in size that if one were to hit it at speed they would likely lose control and could jump the sidewalk into the bus stop.
  • 1479 N. Keystone Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 30
    Three or four trees need to be planted on the west side of B and B Automotive.
  • 1501 N. Keystone Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 30
    The grate is falling into the sewer opening at the curb.
  • Graffiti Removal Acknowledged
    3050 W Bloomingdale Ave Chicago, IL 60647, USA - Chicago Ward 26
  • 1805 N Whipple St Chicago IL 60647, United States - Chicago Ward 26
    Multiple large graffiti paintings
  • 3514 W Potomac Ave. Chicago Il IL 60651, USA - Chicago Ward 26
    Garbage and overgrown weeds are making a haven for rats and insects and mosquitoes. The city inspected this property earlier this summer but it has only gotten worse.
  • 1106 N Keystone Ave Chicago, IL - Humboldt Park
    Previous tenant/owner died in March and this home has been ransacked by criminals. House has a foul odor emitting from it and garage has been turned into a haven for drugs.Home has been invaded almost every day. Police has been contacted numerous times and Alderman has been e mailed about this. This house needs to be boarded up or demolished.
  • Abandoned Vehicle Acknowledged
    4416-4430 W Walton St Chicago, IL 60651, USA - Chicago Ward 37
    Red and white Chevy pickup truck with back full of auto parts junk. No tags.