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  • 115 Ballston Avenue - Saratoga Springs
    This intersection is a death trap at all hours of the day and night, its bad under perfect conditions but what makes it dangerous is so many motorists don't use their directional signals. NEED TRAFFIC LIGHT HERE!
  • 30 Circular St Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, USA - Saratoga Springs
    The meeting of Park, Circular, Whitney Place. Cars play chicken with right-of-way.
  • 14-20 Circular St Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, USA - Saratoga Springs
    Horrible 4 way stop set up. Everyone just goes whenever they want. There's a lot of distance between the intersecting roads so drivers feel they can just go instead of following turn system of usual 4 way stop.
  • Broadway And Congress St Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, USA - Saratoga Springs
    When southbound on Broadway the street merges into one lane at Congress St. There is no warning to the motorists on Broadway that the lanes merge. This causes confusion and traffic right-of-way issues, especially given the large influx of tourists in Saratoga. Since the left lane merges into the right I would suggest a merge sign highly visible to the traffic in the left lane just south of Spring St.
  • 1 Gilbert Rd Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, USA - Saratoga Springs
    This intersection should have a traffic signal tied to the existing traffic signal or the Gilbert Road should be diverted to the oppsite side of the Stewart's shop so creates a
    standard 4 way intersection with a single traffic light.
  • Lake Avenue And Broadway Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, USA - Saratoga Springs
    left turn arrows are needed at this intersection. It is often impossible to make a left turn before the light changes on busy Broadway.
  • 23-41 Weibel Ave Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, USA - Saratoga Springs
    I am tired of having cars rush past me from the outside on Weibel Ave. to get one second ahead. Make the right hand lane into Hannaford a right turn only. Someone is going to get hurt.
  • East Side Rec Saratoga springs, NY - Saratoga Springs
    The skateboard bowl is filled with dirt so I can't exercise in it.
    Reported from my mobile device
  • Westbury Dr And Buff Rd Intersection Saratoga Springs, New York - Saratoga Springs
    The two way stop sign at Moore av/Westbury dr intersecting Buff Rd should be 4 way.
    Cars speed through Buff Rd to cut through from rt 29 to 9n. When trying to cross buff or make a left onto buff by car or as pedestrian it's hard to see south on Buff due to a small hill and overgrown tree branches. And cars coming down buff often speeding from both directions.
  • 15 W. Fenlon - Saratoga Springs

    W. Fenlon which connects 9 and 50 on the north end of SPAC needs a sidewalk. Many bicyclists and pedestrians travel along W. Fenlon. There is no sidewalk, there is a blind curve in the middle, and drivers simply go too fast. It's a recipe for an accident.
    The north side of the street is lined with private residences, the south side with woods owned by Spa State Park. There should be a sidewalk on one side.

    UPDATE MAY 2012
    W. Fenlon is still a very dangerous road, and still has no sidewalk. The greenery on the SPAC side has grown considerably since the original post and the homeowners on the other side have plantings down to the road in some places.

    This road needs a sidewalk!

  • left arrow Archived
    Broadway & Washington St.Aratoga Springs NY 12866, USA - Saratoga Springs
    There is a left turn arrow from B'way onto Washington St. Please activate it.
  • 9 Caroline St Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, USA - Saratoga Springs
    Is this the image we really want for our downtown. People going around with shoping carts downtown picking out bottles from the garbage. I know people pay a lot for rent for the store fronts. Maybe, something can be done.