Beverly Ward 6

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Beverly, Massachusetts Ward 6. Brett Schetzsle is a candidate for City Council in Ward 6.

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  • 3 Haskell Street Beverly, Massachusetts - Beverly Ward 6
    I have been notifiyng the DPW in Beverly numerous times in regards to the fact that this street light has been out (over 6 months)
  • 3 Haskell Street Beverly, Massachusetts - Beverly Ward 6
    pole #1737 light out for 8 months
  • Temi Road And Hull Street Beverly, Massachusetts - Beverly Ward 6
    50' of overgrown brush at vicinity of childrens bus stop not allowing residents to use handicap accessible sidewalk. Blocking stop sign, very dangerous as cars need to merge out onto Hull street and are unable to view pedestrians and oncoming traffic. Cars are unable to park as overgrowth of brush exceeds out onto the street.
  • 110 Hull Street Beverly, Massachusetts - Beverly Ward 6
    when did it become acceptable to park on a sidewalk completely so people cannot use it? I love having to walk in the middle of Hull Street with my stroller and my dogs!!
  • (pothole) Archived
    520 Hale St Beverly, MA 01915 - Beverly Ward 6
    most of the road is filled with potholes, but there is one that looks like it will fall in like a sink hole.
  • 426 Essex St Beverly, MA 01915, USA - Beverly Ward 6
    Pole 1455 in Centerville exploded in a shower of sparks and power is now out in Essex St/Miller Rd/Thoreau Circle area. Other streetlights on either side are still working.
  • Pothole Archived
    423-429 State Highway 22 Beverly, MA 01915, USA - Beverly Ward 6
    Ever growing pothole developing on Essex Street directly in front of front door at 423 Essex St. 2ft long 8in wide and at least 6 in deep. Right in path of left side tire for vehicle traveling toward 128 on Essex. Several potholes and sections of blacktop knocked loose by recent plowing in same lane.
  • Hart Street Beverly, Massachusetts - Beverly Ward 6
    The whole of Hart St has become a major throughway. Nobody respects the speed limit. The shoulders on each side are in major disrepair. The few portholes that have been repaired were done poorly and much of the asphalt has come me out. It is a major route to bicyclists, also. It has become a very dangerous road to bicyclist.
  • Common Ln. Beverly, Ma - Beverly Ward 6
    Tvs and computer monitors along roadside
  • Pothole Archived
    6-98 Thompson'S Farm Way Beverly, MA 01915, USA - Beverly Ward 6
    The temporary fill for the trench dug on the east-bound side of Cole street between Essex and Paradise road has gotten quite 'interesting' since the snows have hit. If one stays in the proper lane, the car's right wheels will get caught in the trench, and then bounce up and down in the sink-holes that have developed. And of course, if one doesn't stay in the lane, there is a good chance of an accident. Can we at least get the sink-holes filled, if we get a few days without snow? Thanks.
  • 7 Foster St Beverly, MA, 01915, USA - Beverly Ward 6
    There is a very large hornets nest on the electric pole that’s too high for anyone to reach.