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  • pot holes Acknowledged
    27th Street Camden, NJ - Camden
    the whole stretch of 27th street.(east camden) feel like you riding a horse down that street
  • Harrison Avenue Camden New Jersey - Camden
    The street will fall in and some one will get hurt.
  • Harrison Ave Camden, NJ - Camden
    This street is in bad shape. It really needs repair right in front of Camden Recycling, the street now floods due to the pot holes in this area. It is getting ridiculous to move around the city when it rains.
  • Pothole Mania Archived
    N 7th St Camden, NJ - Camden
    Horrible road warping and bumps. Hard to break on the surface
  • 125 S 27th St Camden, NJ 08105, USA - Camden
    My property is located on 125 s 27th steet and the street is not leveled and when it rains all the water is a stand still puddle directly in front of my home. This has caused damage to the curb and entrance to my driveway. It is NOT my duty to fix the problem when it has occured due to work done by the water company. Please help fix this so that the water can continue going down the street corner into the drains.
  • N 7th St Camden, NJ 08102 - Camden
    Corner of Vine St. and 7th - big enough to swallow a small car or bike; can't swerve, oncoming lane is also painted too far west for no reason other than to harm traffic in both directions. Potholes continue to bridge exit! And on 7th St. bridge entering N. Camden you could go into orbit at 20 mph!
  • Camden Streets Camden, NJ - Camden
    How about the ice on all of camden streets people cars sliding down the blocks crashing into park cars because the city refuse or didn`t do the side streets its a shame we have to go through this...
  • 2801-2825 Crescent Blvd Camden, NJ 08104, USA - Camden
    Large pot holes in left hand lane under the underpass before the old circle.
  • 1353 1399 N 28th St Camden, NJ 08105, USA - Camden
    in last three weeks volume of tires , trash , debris , household goods , hazardous waste , etc. allowed to accumulate. No wonder city is in a downward spiral . Come on Mayor do something about this . We need to have pride in Camden .
  • 800-820 S 7th St Camden, NJ 08103, USA - Camden
    A five-way intersection without a stop light and has constant traffic. Extremely confusing and is a tragedy waiting to happen!
  • 430.426.424 Grant St Camden Nj 08102 - Camden
    400 block of grant st in camden owned by city of camden ,needs to sold an rehab or demolish.
  • Us Hwy 30 Camden, NJ - Camden
    there is a bad turn on the blvd after the 676 exit.. if fact its so bad that there is an accident everytime it rains.. in the right hand land there are really bad cluster pot holes.. probably the cause of the accidents