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  • Mayflower Providence, RI - Cranston
    Tank Trap (pothole trench) across entire street
  • 413-429 Dyer Ave Cranston, RI 02920, USA - Cranston

    AUG 19 UPDATE: Dumped demolition garbage is still here, but NOW, brilliantly, people are driving around it ONTO the gravestone markers. Gravestones with tire tread marks. Excellent. Someone in the city come and pick this STUFF UP!!!

    Building demolition materials dumped off the back of a truck right into the road. Back of main area, to the right. Recurring problem.

  • 400 Dyer Ave Cranston, RI 02920, USA - Cranston
    WHAT DOES IT TAKE to get someone in Cranston to organize a clean up???? Someone nearby is doing demolition and DUMPING their materials at the back. A house, maybe a rental.Again today.
  • Phenix Ave Cranston, RI 02921, USA - Cranston
    Stop wasting money filling in potholes. Repave it already!
  • Corner Of Warwick Ave. And Park Ave. Cranston, RI - Cranston
    There is much work needed to still be done at the corner of Park Ave. and Warwick, Ave. This is no way to make a good appearance for the state or to encourage business. Please advise as to the status. Thank you.
  • Route 37 West Cranston RI 02920, USA - Cranston

    There are four spots on route 37 where the pavement rises like a speed bump and are getting worse by the day. The DOT must be repaving these in the dark to not notice the bone-jarring and chassis pounding these bumps deliver to the public who is traveling at speeds between 45-60 mph.


  • 622 Reservoir Ave Cranston, RI - Cranston

    Water cover came out of the ground. Hole has caused an accident.

    Please fix!

  • 90-100 Mauran St Cranston, RI - Cranston
    Light flickers and shuts off frequently!
  • 85 Briggs St. 307 Cranston, RI - Cranston
    Residents walking in the ice covered streets with oncoming vehicle traffic. Cranston St. and Park Ave.
  • 139 Arnold Avenue Cranston, RI 02905, USA - Cranston
    Orange barrels intentionally placed in bike lane by metals recycler.
  • Pot hole Archived
    40 River St Cranston, Rhode Island - Cranston
    Large pot holes causes big bang in right lane on Commerce Way in Seekonk heading out of Showcase Cinemas towards Route 6.
  • 40 River St Cranston, Rhode Island - Cranston
    New pothole getting larger by the day on Park Ave. heading west 50 yards before Route 10 onramp. Get an alignment, whack, another one is allowed to develop. The $75 million surely could have been better utilized.