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  • Eastern End Of Drowne St Cranston, Rhode Island - Cranston
    large pot holes
  • Western End Of Rhodes Ave Cranston, Rhode Island - Cranston
    large pot holes
  • 40 River St Cranston, Rhode Island - Cranston
    Park Ave. just east of Warwick Ave. is a pot hole that was filled in but not fully. As a result, bang. Taxpayers get whacked twice.
  • 38-40 River St Cranston, Rhode Island - Cranston
    On Park Avenue just east of Warwick Avenue is a pothole that was filled recently but is now depressed. Taxpayers get whacked twice. Please respond.
  • Large Pothole Archived
    Norwood Avenue At Intersection Of Broad - In Front Of Walgreens On The Roger Williams Park Side Of Norwood Cranston, RI - Cranston
    deep and wide pothole at intersection of norwood and broad street, in front of walgreens on the roger williams park side of norwood
  • 22 Villa Ave Cranston, Rhode Island - Cranston

    I live on a dead end Cranston. We have had several snow storm in which NO ONE has come to plow. There are 3-4 1 foot holes, not in the actual ground but in the imbedded 2-3 feet of snow that has been compressed due to driving on it.

    My neighbors and I have made attempts to get the street plowed but to no avail. Everyday I, my neighbors, or a random driver gets stuck in either 3 of the holes and are spending hours trying to get out. I even called the Cranston Police on 3/4/2015 because someone was stuck and I could not get by... I had a appointment (which was crucial) and I could not get there. It took about 1 1/2 to get this person out the way, even after the police arrived.

    This is very dangerous....

    I have hopes someone will get this issue rectified or I will be forced to seek legal counsel.

  • Laurel Hill Avenue Cranston, Rhode Island - Cranston
    Laurel Hill Avenue has several small & large PotHolse betwween Union Avenue & Chestnut Hill Avenue
  • Hillwood St Cranston - Cranston
    Empty lot that people continuously dump matresses, old furniture, and other miscellaneous things in. Even after it is cleaned up people keep coming back to dump their garbage. It is getting out of hand and I just saw two cars dump a trunk full of their junk onto the lot and leave. It is making the community look worse than it is and I have to witness this as i look out my window every day. its disgusting!
  • 1-99 Bedson Rd Cranston, RI, 02910, USA - Cranston

    To Whom it May Concern,

    I would like to report a rather large pothole located on Bedson Road in Cranston, RI

    I have also attached a pdf picture of the pothole.

    Thank you in advance for expediting this request.

    Gary Klein
    V. P - Finance

  • 21 Garden City Drive Cranston, Rhode Island - Cranston
    2 Potholes at the exit of garden city
  • 633 Budlong Road Cranston, Rhode Island - Cranston
    Traveling uphill from budlong into dean pkwy is a sunken manhole cover and a few potholes.
  • 587 Scituate Ave Cranston, rI - Cranston
    Manhole cover tossed to site large orange barrel in hole, makes road difficult to pass