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  • 200 Ri-2 Warwick, RI 02886, USA - Cranston
    Needs repair
  • 1171 New London Avenue Cranston, Rhode Island - Cranston
    This pothole keeps getting filled poorly just to be a pothole again in 2 days time. The intersection itself is a brutal mess. Uneven bumps and dips. Horrible on the suspension.
  • 71 Elsie St Cranston Ri 02910 United States - Cranston
    Holy dang. There’s no way to merge here without almost blowing out your tire.
  • 15 Marlow Street Cranston, RI 02920, USA - Cranston
    There are large potholes at the entrance of Marlow street and again around the manholes! Presenting a danger entering and exiting this street.
    They have been there for several weeks now!!! Please fix them ASAP!
  • 21 Aumond Street Cranston, Rhode Island - Cranston
    Manhole cover is compromised as chunks of street have been taken out by plow. This needs to be addressed as it could lead to a very dangerous situation. Thank you for your attention in this matter.
  • 40 Sweet Pea Dr. Cranston, Rhode Island - Cranston
    At sweet pea dr. and Comstock parkway between pole #36 and pole #37 and to pumpkin patch day care there are many potholes on both sides of the street. At the drop patch just north of pole #37 the car tires thump over that pothole all day and night.