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Garnet Valley Nether Providence Glen Mills

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  • 5003 Chester Creek Rd Brookhaven, PA 19015, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    sitting here trying to turn left from Creek Road onto Dutton Mills Road I do not have a stop sign where I currently am ...i know to stop because I have seen too many close calls here. you can see the car across the street is free to come across the road and across my lane of traffic as he does not have a stop sign there either. someone needs a stop or yeild sign here!!!
  • 159 U.S. 322 Concord, PA 19060, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Intersection has many cars and tractor trailers driving east and westbound on 322 at high rates of speed. There are no lights to control traffic so any attempts to cross over 322 from Matson to Featherbed are very dangerous. Left hand turns are allowable from all four points, this creates a problem when multiple cars are waiting at the same time to make turn while traffic is halted or tries to pass on eight foot wide shoulder.
    There is also a Septa bus stop for the 119 at this intersection causing pedestrians to stand on the highway or someone's lawn to wait for the bus.
  • 438-472 Old Forge Rd Media, PA 19063, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    The bridge approach and deck are in terrible need of attention. There are so many pot holes and have been for years!
  • 764 Baltimore Pike Glen Mills, PA 19342, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Content blocked by rejections
  • 352 - 452 - Rt 1... - Lima
    Middletown Twp. traffic problems EVERYDAY @ morning & afternoon rush hrs. Rt 1 & 452, 352 near Fair Acres , 352 behind Granite Run Mall. I travel 8 miles each way to work...more than 50% of my time is spent sitting in traffic in Middletown. Unfortunately, 352 is the route I need to travel to get to West Chester.
  • 686-894 Sycamore Mills Rd Media, PA 19063, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    There is a report of a large band of small birds or was it a small band of large birds prowling the woods in Ridley Creek park. Reportedly they are the elusive snipe bird. Please ensure you use caution while walking the trails in case you should encounter the snipe . I hope they are not all shot since it would be nice to have one in the zoo
  • Corner Of Forge Rd Media, PA 19063, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Real bad intersection needs a Red light, traffic come's around blind corner 40 to 60 mph. you can't see traffic north or south bound while heading east on forge Rd. to cross over Route 352.
    Intersection just north of Penn State Brandywine Campos
  • 1000-1098 Pennsylvania 261 Concord, PA 19060, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    At the intersections of Concord, Foulk and Valleyview - all the stop signs! During rush hour it's almost a game of It, trying to determine who has the right of way.
  • 4th And Orange St. media, PA - Media
    There are 4-way stop signs all along Orange St. *except* for 4th. If you are trying to turn onto Orange from 4th, good luck. You can wait a long time, and visibility is awful looking south due to all of the parked cars. PLEASE add a stop sign on Orange St. here, too! With the Friends School right around the corner on 4th (big drop-off area in the morning), it makes sense.
  • 693-699 State Rd Media, PA 19063, USA - Upper Providence Township
    Remove bogus road closing by construction on State Rd.
    Not needed and causes major inconvenience to local traffic.
    People blowing through barricades anyway. Probably
    not legally authorized by township anyway
  • Bishop Hollow & Barren Roads Media, PA 19063, USA - Upper Providence Township
    Pothole is at end of Bishop Hollow Road at the stop sign where you turn right on to Barren Road and go over Ridley Creek. There is almost no way to avoid the pothole (actually a double pothole) when making that right turn.
  • Intersection Of 352 And W. Brookhaven Road - Brookhaven
    The Left turn traffic light at 352 and W. Brookhaven Road, is extremely too short.