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Garnet Valley Nether Providence Glen Mills

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  • 1500-1574 Blackrock Rd Swarthmore, PA 19081, USA - Woodlyn
    The wooded area behind the houses along the 1500 Block of Blackrock Rd, along the Blue Route Barrier, is now the central point for every bug in Delco to congregate. Nobody claims the land (The Twp says its the State and the State says it's PennDot and PennDot says its PECO) and the weeds and vines have literally reached the point where they hang ten to 20 feet behind people's homes. It is impossible to go out in the early morning, let along at night for the amount of mosquitoes, gnats and ticks that are in this area. Not to mention the perfect cover it creates for any one to do as they please back there. (No problem, I'll clean up the dumped tires, appliances and beer cans that pop up weekly).
    Telephone wires are no longer visible because of the overgrowth, which I'm sure won't cause any problems. All of this happens despite this being in the very neighborhood where a State Rep and Twp Commissioner live. It's bad enough the park at the top of Blackrock, where two homes stood before the Blue Route came is mowed maybe three times a summer.
  • 2001-2063 Foulk Rd Garnet Valley, PA 19060, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    If you are going east on Concord, there is a stop sign. People coming out of Valleybrook Rd. zoom right across to Foulk. There needs to be a left turning redlight for people coming west on Concord and turning from Valleybrook so that people going east don't have to take their life in their hands to go.
  • 700-798 Brookside Ave Swarthmore, PA 19081, USA - Folsom
    piles of junk under carport, junk piled in heaps in backyard, yard is always a mess, the outside of house is in dire need of tlc (paint is peeling, wood trim is rotting, etc) its a real mess.
  • 158-186 Pennell Rd Aston, PA 19014, USA - Village Green-Green Ridge
    4-5 Daily Traffic back up.
    Cars 'jump' traffic by flying up the Right turn only lane and jumping over right in front of the Pizza Hut.
    I think Aston Township should put those red road cones that are used on MacDade Blvd @ 476.
  • 61-99 N Pennell Rd Media, PA 19063, USA - Lima
    Dangerous woman motorcycle driver, PA plate LYN45 rode to the right of the white line in front of a bicyclist at the yield sign and stopped crowding the bicyclist into the curb. The bicyclist then rode into her, she looked at the bicyclist then drove off with her Vietnam Vet riding partner. DANGEROUS PEOPLE LIKE HER SHOULDN'T BE DRIVING NEVER MIND GETTING RE-TESTED. Or maybe she should be on a moped that would be easier to handle.
  • Pennell Road And Baltimore Pike Media , PA - US Congressional District PA7
    When heading south on Route 1, the left turn signal to turn onto Route 452 is too short. The queue is always backed up sometimes effecting the light at Oriole Ave. The left hand green arrow needs to be longer.
  • 401-499 W Rose Tree Rd Media, PA 19063, USA - Upper Providence Township

    This is a big pothole along Rose Tree Road, roughly five to seven feet long and a foot wide.

    During a recent rainstorm, I hit it with my Jeep thinking it was a puddle and pulled the vehicle in. I survived - but not after fighting the Jeep out of the rut and busting my front right tire rod.

    Knowing the public works in this section of the county, I really don't expect this to be fixed fully until sometime in the year 2024.

  • Conchester Hwy Garnet Valley, PA 19060, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Looks like local residents are making a habit of making illegal turns onto westbound 322 from garnet mine, crossing traffic. I find it funny, that these people would risk their lives and the family's, instead of using the proper on ramps off of foulk rd. Almost every time I drive past this area, people are making illegal turns crossing traffic or even crossing from westbound 322 to garnet mine, also illegal.
  • 1465-1473 N Providence Rd Media, PA 19063, USA - Upper Providence Township
    There needs to be a traffic light at the US-1 by-pass south ramp at 252 intersection.
    There have been to-to many accidents at this intersection.
    One big traffic problem at rush hour.
  • Conchester Hwy Concord, PA 19342, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    This is a busy T intersection and you have to wait forever to make a left turn from station road onto 322. Also, it is dangerous for vehicles to wait on 322 to make a left turn onto station road while vehicles behind them have to swing around. Imagine someone not paying attention - texting, cell phone, etc. and this is an accident waiting to happen.
  • 693 E Baltimore Pike Media, PA 19063, USA - Upper Providence Township
    Need more police presence.
  • 1419-1489 Victoria Rd Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    Nội dung bị chặn bởi những lời từ chối