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Garnet Valley Nether Providence Glen Mills

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  • Concord Rd & Chichester Ave aston, pa - US Congressional District PA7

    When you're driving down Concord Rd from Aston into Garnet Valley, the road turns briefly into two lanes for the traffic light at Chichester Ave. There is a right turn lane for anyone turning onto Venuti Drive into the small development, and there is a forward / left turn lane which invariably gets backed up with cars waiting to turn left onto Chichester Ave.

    It makes no sense to have a right turn lane for the few cars turning onto Venuti Drive while holding up traffic for the much larger number of cars trying to turn left onto busy Chichester Ave.

    As a result of this poor planning, drivers who want to go straight tend to veer into the right turn lane to get around the left turn traffic, which can lead to accidents.

    Those lanes should be changed so that there is a left turn lane and a forward / right turn lane.

  • Media Bypass Media, PA 19063, USA - Upper Providence Township
    Content blocked by rejections
  • Milmont And Seventh Ave Swarthmore, PA 19081, USA - Folsom
    I love children, but this is a nice neighborhood and should not be made a hangout for teenagers. Milmont Pizza produces a delicious, reasonably priced product, but the hoards of students gathering every night are keeping me away. They block the business entrance, are rude, confrontational, and frankly a deterrent to business. I see parents drop their kids here nightly to gather with friends. Please host your children and their friends in your own home/yard. Be responsible! Be respectful!
  • 201-261 Pennsylvania 252 Newtown Square, PA 19073, USA - Newtown Square
    Huge group of pot holes right on 252 in front of Springton Point Shops shopping center.
  • Pennell Rd. Aston, PA - US Congressional District PA7
    Way too many cars are using the Dunkin' Donuts/Walgreen's parking lots to by- pass
    Five Points intersection. Not only is this happening on a daily basis but generally they
    are driving at excessive speeds while doing so. Signs have been posted saying that a
    video camera is watching but this is not going anything. There will be a serious accident
    one of these mornings. It's nearly happened to me more that once!
  • Dilworthtown Rd & Westtown-Thornton Rd - US Congressional District PA7
    Need a 4 way stop! only a 2 way stop right now and drivers don't realize it despite the signage. Frequent accidents
  • Knowlton Road And Middletown Road - US Congressional District PA7
    There have been numerous accidents at the intersection of Knowlton and 352. Each day I travel this way to and from work and am crossing 352 on Knowlton, those that are turning from Knowlton onto 352, just turn regardless of the traffic going straight. It is a big problem, I have seen so many near misses and many who did not miss. Again this morning someone turned in front of me! Although this is the most convenient way to Media for me, I have decided to start going the long way!
  • Intersection Of Rte 1 And Valleybrook Rd - Chester Heights
    I have been involved in and observed many accidents at the intersection of Valleybrook and Rte 1. Generally involving a car traveling on Rte 1 toward Granite Run Mall striking a car turning left from Rte 1 onto Valleybrook. I have witnessed a high percentage of drivers on Rte 1 running the red light. Be Careful!!
  • Paul Lane Media, PA - US Congressional District PA7
    All roads in Glenwood Farms community are posted at 25 MPH. Everyday, people fly through the neighborhood.
  • West Lincoln Street Media, PA 19063 - Upper Providence Township
    I live on West Lincoln Street in Media. About 75% of the times I've arrived home to find NO PARKING on my street. I am constantly having to park on the next block. This is a 2 hour limit parking street, unless you have a permit. I have a permit-please start ticketing those folks who do not so I can start parking closer to my home. Thank you! (most of the time it is people catching the train or all of the kids who party above the deli)
  • Bridge Out Archived
    3800-3858 Gradyville Rd Newtown Square, PA 19073, USA - Newtown Square
    Small bridge on Gradyville road is closed. No traffic can get through this section of Gradyville road.
  • 280-298 7th Ave Swarthmore, PA 19081, USA - Folsom
    Every weekend drunk and high teens yell, damage property, curse, leave beer cans, etc. The ridley police are too lazy to even stop by the end of 7th ave at high school and stop the kids from drinking on high school grounds and in cemetary. How much more property needs to be damaged and nonsense has to be dealt with by people living on 7th ave? The area is turning into a ghetto filled with trashy people.