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Garnet Valley Nether Providence Glen Mills

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  • Conchester Hgwy And Cherry Tree Rd - US Congressional District PA7
    This intersection needs to be rebuilt NOW and not part of the Conchester rebuild (2015). The traffic delays can cause 20 minute back-ups E/B and W/B. There's no reason not to fix the intersection before the rebuild project. IT CAN BE DONE NOW!! They have already torn down buildings here.
  • 245-255 Concord Rd Village Green-Green Ridge, PA 19014, USA - Village Green-Green Ridge
    At the 5 points intersection of Pennell, Knowleton and Concord Rds, a left turn signal is needed for people turning left on to Pennell from Concord Rd. All the other traffic has a left turn arrow except from Concord to Pennell. This causes traffic to back up and people to sit in the intersection trying to make the green.
  • Baltimore Pike At The Route One By-Pass - US Congressional District PA7
    This spot is known for roll-overs when conditions are wet. There needs to be more signs to slow speeders down.
  • 352 - 452 - Rt 1... - Lima
    Middletown Twp. traffic problems EVERYDAY @ morning & afternoon rush hrs. Rt 1 & 452, 352 near Fair Acres , 352 behind Granite Run Mall. I travel 8 miles each way to work...more than 50% of my time is spent sitting in traffic in Middletown. Unfortunately, 352 is the route I need to travel to get to West Chester.
  • Baltimore Pike & Cheyney Rd Glen Mills, PA - US Congressional District PA7
    Yesterday, I was lucky to miss a collision as a van jumped a red light as I was crossing Baltimore Pike on Cheyney Rd. I have noticed similar issues in the past, but yesterday was a close call that would have had nasty consequences, had I not come to a screeching halt to let the van go through. I would like to request a secondary indicator (strobe light that blinks) when the light is red, to avoid nasty situations such as this. In the past, I've also noticed that the light transitions at that intersection are not always correct.
  • 1-71 Florence Ave Chester, PA 19014, USA - Village Green-Green Ridge
    Excessive speed on Florence Avenue; used as a cut through; dangerous for residents entering and leaving their driveways and children playing in the area; has been requested many times to no avail
  • Corner Of Forge Rd Media, PA 19063, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Real bad intersection needs a Red light, traffic come's around blind corner 40 to 60 mph. you can't see traffic north or south bound while heading east on forge Rd. to cross over Route 352.
    Intersection just north of Penn State Brandywine Campos
  • 200 Llewellyn Rd Chester, PA 19014, USA - Chester Heights
    Either needs a stop light or make all traffic directions have a stop sign, making a left from llewelyn onto Valleybrook is next to impossible!
  • Media Bypass Media, PA 19063, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Too many cars stay on the right lane and ignore the left when the two lanes merge into one before entering Baltimore Pike from North US 1. The left lane being open tempts other drivers to use it in order to bypass the others on the right. This causes the drivers on the right that have waited to block those on the left from merging in. If a "USE BOTH LANES" sign was implemented. Maybe the traffic waiting will be equalized on those two lanes therefore merging onto the one lane will go a lot smoother and prevent road rage from occuring.
  • 159 U.S. 322 Concord, PA 19060, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Intersection has many cars and tractor trailers driving east and westbound on 322 at high rates of speed. There are no lights to control traffic so any attempts to cross over 322 from Matson to Featherbed are very dangerous. Left hand turns are allowable from all four points, this creates a problem when multiple cars are waiting at the same time to make turn while traffic is halted or tries to pass on eight foot wide shoulder.
    There is also a Septa bus stop for the 119 at this intersection causing pedestrians to stand on the highway or someone's lawn to wait for the bus.
  • 100 N Providence Rd Wallingford, PA 19086, USA - Nether Providence Township
    wawa always kept parking lot and landscaping neat and clean. this new place is full of trash and weeds and looks like some depressed area. please clean up on a regular basis...
  • Morris Road Nether Providence, PA 19086, USA - Nether Providence Township
    Stop signs should be put along the length of Morris Road at the intersections. People drive too quickly on the zig-zag road and do not yield at the intersections, creating a very dangerous situation for the cross traffic.