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Historic Roswell Area

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  • 83 Woodstock Rd Roswell, GA 30075, USA - Roswell
    Recent road construction at North Coleman and Woodstock Road has left a depression in the road that needs to be leveled off with more black top.
  • 1090 Alpharetta Street - Back Lot Overhead Light Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    back lot overhead light is out
  • 1090 Alpharetta Street Roswell, Georgia - Roswell

    The street light that would illuminate our entrance/exit has not worked in over 7 months. We have sent a request before and called.

    Also the street light in our back parking lot is out. Please advise

  • 53 Fowler Avenue Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Trim overgrown right of way along Fowler Avenue
  • 1130 Grimes Bridge Rd Roswell, GA 30075, USA - Roswell
    The roundabout has been full of political signs for months. my understanding is that these are not supposed to be placed in the public right of away. signs were removed promptly during the 6th district special election but have not been this time. please clean up the signs in this area, thank you!
  • Creekside Way Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Please trim the right of way on Creekside Way at Old Holcomb Bridge Road
  • 632 Mimosa Blvd Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    This property needs cleaning up and maintenance. There is tall grass, weeds, bushes and trees that are in desperate need of help! It is an eyesore everyday when I walk my dogs.
  • 443 Norcross Street Roswell, GA - Roswell
    Tree on sidewalk
  • 5000 Pattingham Dr Roswell 30075, United States - Roswell
    Rotting tree is leaning over sidewalk and obstructing passage
  • 1500 River Oak Dr Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    There has been an abandoned Dodge Ram pick up truck, license plate 1999XF, parked on River Oak Dr (near the front of the neighborhood) close to where it meets W Crossville Road. It has been abandoned and parked on the street for over a week. It is creating a very narrow entrance into the neighborhood and is dangerous when people are both entering and exiting close to the same time.
  • North Shore Court Roswell, GA - Roswell
    High overgrown grass along cul-de-sac needs cutting
  • 310 Highlands Trce Roswell, GA 30075, USA - Roswell
    Sign down at Boardwalk under Hwy 9