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Route 1 in New Haven

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  • 64 Union Ave New Haven, CT 06519 - Hill

    If you want Bolt Bus or similar to run a line from New Haven, CT to New York Click I want this fixed too and add your email.

    Bolt bus has wireless Internet, outlets, leather seats and its cheap. You can also put a bicycle under neath for free.

  • Forbes Ave New Haven, CT 00 - Annex

    Be very careful crossing the tracks on your bike. Go slow and cross perpendicular to the rails. Signage is desperately needed. See http://groups.yahoo.com/group/elmcitycycling/message/8023


  • 66 Union Ave New Haven, CT 06519 - Hill

    Racks are full, greatly discouraging local residents from cycling to the station. This causes an increase in traffic and is not very equitable, considering that the state subsidizes parking garage construction to the tune of $50,000 to $100,000 per space.

    Also, for commuters, there needs to be a major increase in the amount of storage that is secure and sheltered.

    When will the DOT attend to this problem?

    For background, see http://www.designnewhaven.com/2008/06/momentum-builds-for-bike-friendly-union.html

  • Tomlinson Bridge New Haven, CT - Annex
    Forbes Ave is already used by dozens of bicycle commuters as their primary route between downtown and Annex+East Shore despite the road being completely inhospitable to bicycling. Imagine how much more convenient bicycling would be for thousands of Annex and East Shore residents if Forbes Ave were reduced to one lane in each direction with a center turn-out lane and bike lanes on either side. I hear that the City is tentatively supportive and it is simply a matter of getting DOT onboard. Now that a new administration is coming to Hartford, this sounds significantly more plausible. If you would like to see bike lanes on Forbes Ave, vote for this issue!
  • 26 Union Ave New Haven, CT 06519 - Hill
    You pretty much have to take Union Avenue to get to Union Station. If Union Avenue is not bicycle-accessible, then Union Station is not truly bicycle-accessible.
  • Long Wharf Drive And Water Street New Haven, CT - Long Wharf
    Tonight as I was approaching the intersection of Long Wharf and Water Street at ~5:15 p.m., approximately a dozen ATVs and dirt bikes were heading south down East Street toward Long Wharf Drive. They were weaving in and out of traffic, popping wheelies, and someone was filming them out of a car window. I called the NHPD non-emergency number to report it. Please NHPD, this behavior is so dangerous, it has to stop.
  • Liberty Street New Haven, CT - Hill
    So I saw that an issue regarding a BIKE RACK was acknowledged by a city department but something as serious as drug dealing in our neighborhoods is not? What is wrong with this picture? Give me an answer!
  • Townsend Ave And Forbes Ave New Haven, CT 06512, USA - Annex
    12-15 off road bikes and atvs racing and causing several near crashes. What can be done? It's crazy.
  • Elm At Norton New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Hill
    I live on the corner of Norton and Elm, and I think Elm Street needs some speed bumps or the traffic light needs to be changed so that it blinks red on both sides in order to prevent people from blasting through. Not only do cars speed down Elm entirely too fast for a residential neighborhood that is full of children, but guys on dirtbikes are also a huge nuisance. The dirtbike problem mystifies me, as there is a police substation one block away. Why should we be subjected to this danger and noise every day? If there were a few speedbumps on Elm these problems would be solved instantly.
  • 50 Union Ave New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Long Wharf
    The bike racks are often completely full at the train station. There's tons of space, for example between the garage and the station. More bike racks would be greatly appreciated!
  • Union St And Water St New Haven, CT - Wooster Square
    The blind corner at Union St and Water makes me uncomfortable using Union St as a bike route. Olive St is a decent alternative, but then you have to make a tricky left turn to the Vision Trail under the Oak St Connector (I’ll report that as a separate issue). If Union St is chosen as the bike route, we will need either a signal or a button-activated warning beacon here.
  • Brewery St At Water St New Haven, CT - Wooster Square
    The intersection of Brewery and Water Streets is very dangerous because there is no prohibition for making a right turn on red from Brewery Street onto Water Street. When the pedestrian signal says walk, people are taking right turns onto Water Street when there are people in the crosswalk. It is very very unwise. Example: Massive dump truck involved in highway construction turning right as person in crosswalk is approaching. At times there is a constant stream of cars and SUVs etc doing the same, in a hurry, and not caring how this scares people trying to rely on this cross signal. The pedestrian signal works fine and the cross walk has the standard markings. Wouldn't hurt to mark it even better, but the no right turn on red is an absolute necessity and should be in place now. A high school is located at this intersection as well and when buses are coming and going it is almost chaotic