South Silver Terrace

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South Silver Terrace

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  • 38 Bayview St San Francisco, CA 94124 - Bayview
    We desperately need speed bumps along Bayview Street. Cars speed up and down street despite three way stop sign.
  • Bayview Street san francisco, CA - Bayview
    10 mucho junk cars & trucks, storage junks parked in Bayview/Newhall streets, moving onley on street cleaned days. Owner do not live in this area. Police & dpt ignor and do not pay care or ticket. Uses up owners &renters parking spots. DPT not following 72 hour parking law rules, this is not right.I live here 9 years- no change in that time.
  • 1765 Newhall St San Francisco, CA 94124, USA - Bayview
    Multiple non-op vehicles, all of same model parked on Newhall/Bayview.
  • 5118 3rd Street San Francisco, CA 94124, USA - Bayview
    5122 third st
    Blighted building, broken windows on 3rd st
  • 44 Bayview St San Francisco, CA 94124 - Bayview
    Pomona/Bayview St. Huge overgrown tree is swallowing Stop sign. Cars do not stop.
  • 2 Latona Street San Francisco, California - Bayview
    Constant mess of garbage on the Bayview St. side of 2 Latona St.
  • Latona St San Francisco, CA - Bayview

    Vehicles traveling down Thornton Ave take Latona St to Bayview St to 3rd St, instead of continuing straight down Thornton Ave.

    Chicanes are needed at the entrance/exit of Latona to discourage use by non-residential traffic and to prevent heavy vehicles using the street.

    The city initiated South Silver Terrace Traffic Calming Project recorded excessively traffic levels on Latona St.