Northeast New Haven

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  • East Rock New Haven CT - East Rock
    I am reporting that there ARE slumlords in the East Rock neighborhood. They BANK on this neighborhood's fine reputation as a safe place to live... and then they find a sucker Yalie or two (or a hopeful townie) to rent from them... by the time the tenant realizes they are paying rent to a slumlord they are about half way through their short lease... They Move upon the expiration of the lease. NEXT YEAR, the same thing happens! A Yalie with a 9 month lease. It take a little time to realize you're living in a neglected dump. Slumlords of East Rock BANK on it. They put NO work into their property... or, just enough to get a Yalie to sign a lease. There are no shortage of customers in this neighborhood. I'm just reporting that this is indeed happening.
  • Critters... Archived
    142 Nicoll St New Haven, CT - East Rock
    Trying to catch a skunk in a Have-a-Heart trap, I caught a possum instead. Thoughts about what to with him (her?)
  • State St New Haven, CT 00 - East Rock
    It would be excellent if this area could become more open to public and cleaned up.
    People fish here all the time but they have to enter from behind the rink because there is a fence on State Street.
  • Cars go speeding up Mansfield Street at very unsafe speeds because it is just a long street, no stop signs or anything. Children are frequently riding bikes around as well, just seems like a terrible combination. Maybe adding stop signs or maybe even just speed bumps (or just those "rumble strips") to certain areas would help.
  • 52 Mechanic St New Haven, CT 06511 - East Rock
    There is a garage in back that collapsed YEARS ago and nothing has been done about it. It became much worse last winter. I am concerned that it may have become home to a serious rodent problem, or if kids got back there they would get hurt. Don't think LCI has ever loooked at it, even thought htis has been posted since 2009. SEveral neighbors offered to help hear on SCF, but no-one contacted the home owner. (I no longer live in the neighborhood, nor do the tenants of my place who were among those who offered help)
  • 108-138 Pearl Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock

    There are so many problems with the west end of Pearl St (between Orange and the SOM walkway). Here are just a few. To resolve this issue, Yale, the Lincoln-Bradley Neighborhood association, the City of New Haven, and the landlords at 516-518 Orange and the building housing Cafe Romeo are going to need to work together. The LBNA has, in good faith, spent some time coming up with proposals for Pearl Street, none of which have stuck. I had hoped that when Yale was working to complete Evans Hall (new SOM building) they would have paid some attention to this wasp's nest of issues....but they didn't.

    1) the pathway from the back of Evans Hall empties directly into the middle of a city street with NO signage or indicators that pedestrians are now walking on a street. There should be bollards, a large sign and some kind of curb with a curb cut indicating that PEOPLE ARE WALKING IN THE MIDDLE OF A STREET. As it is now, there is a steady stream of students pouring onto Pearl St, oblivious to their surroundings talking on their phones etc. YALE - please pay attention!!!!!! You spent over a hundred million dollars on this building and it would be a shame to have one of your students injured or killed here. Also, THERE IS NO SIDEWALK ON THIS STRETCH OF PEARL STREET.

    2) 516-518 Orange Street continues to be a mess.

    a) their dumpsters overflow and are frequently end up in the middle of the sidewalk - they have tried to improve this situation, but it is still far from being a good situation.

    b) the portion on the (too narrow) sidewalk on Pearl Street that they are responsible for cleaning is a sheet of ice. Even on the best days, this sidewalk is dangerous. The concrete is cracked and the strip of dirt between the sidewalk and the curb is usually full of broken glass and garbage that hasnt been picked up by the trash company

    3) the parking area on Pearl Street adjacent to Cafe Romeo's storage locker is overcrowded and usually has one or two extra cars trying to park along the north side of the street, decreasing the already tight passage on a two way street.

    4) Delivery trucks (the SYSCO truck, which is an 18-wheeler is a particular offender) for Romeo's frequently double park on this same narrow portion of street.

    5) The parking on Orange Street north of the intersection with Pearl creates a hazard for cars driving east on Pearl, trying to cross. It is impossible to see oncoming traffic, and the cars driving south on Orange cannot see cars exiting Pearl Street.

    6) Drivers frequently use Lincoln Street as a shortcut around the traffic that backs up from the light at Orange and Trumbull and the ensuing bottleneck from the narrowing of Orange Street between Pearl and Eld. This results in people blasting down Lincoln at speeds close to those they might reach on Whitney or some larger thoroughfare.

    As I said at the opening of the post - individually, these problems would be difficult to address, together they are even more difficult. But the situation is somewhat dire, and we need to start coming up with solutions.


  • 141-161 Pearl Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    A sidewalk is desperately needed on the New Haven Lawn Club side of the road from Orange to the Yale School of Management. This area is heavily trafficked by students, and I can't tell you how often they're nearly hit by cars. Some walk down the middle of the road with headphones in and can't hear the car horns behind them, holding up traffic. This road is extremely wide and could easily accommodate a sidewalk.
  • New Haven Connecticut - East Rock
    illegal use of city /park property. Obvious signs of unapproved camping, trash, drug paraphernalia. Please investigate and remove
  • Parks Request Archived
    138 Bradley Street New Haven, Connecticut - SOHU
    The Bradley Street Bike Coop, True Cyclery and Bicycle Education, Entrepreneurship and Enrichment Programs (BEEEP!, Inc.) are all located at this location, and all work hard to improve biking for everyone in the New Haven community. It would be fantastic if there could be a bike rack or two out front to accommodate the visitors and bikers on the street!
  • 347-351 Canner St New Haven, Connecticut - Prospect Hill
    We need a pedestrian crosswalk on Canner Street near Loomis Pl and Division Street. This block of Canner has heavy foot traffic - including many families with small children! - due to the presence of two grade schools (Foote and Celentano), two day-care centers (in the Whitehall and YDS apartments), three apartment complexes (Whitehall, Ivy Manor, and YDS), Yale Divinity School, and the YDS community garden. A crosswalk would make our life here safer and easier.
  • Humphrey Street New Haven, CT - SOHU
    A major traffic danger exists on Humphrey Street between Whitney Ave and Orange St. where no snow has been removed. The East bound lane is so narrowed that 2-way traffic is not possible. This is a popular street during AM/PM rush hours and the people who are parking outside of the snow are literally parked in the East bound lane of traffic. This prohibits traffic to move toward Orange St. when there is any oncoming traffic or traffic backed up at the Whitney Ave light. This has caused multiple near misses every morning and evening. This street urgently needs to be cleared and the vehicles removed. It is a main access road and is traveled at high volume each day.
  • 90 Nash Street new haven, CT - East Rock
    The couple at 90 Nash Street seem to think they own the street space in front of their home. Every winter they use trash cans with signs to reserve the spaces for their two full-size sedans (see photo). If at any point in time (summer or winter) someone parks in the spaces near their home, they leave threatening notes about why it was an inadequate parking job (although frequently violate their own rules of parking). We have tried to be courteous neighbors, but they have been nothing but rude and nasty to us. We would like the responsible city agency, whether it is the police or LCI, to come and ticket them for their violations. The city needs to show that it will not tolerate the use of intimidation to prevent others from sharing public space.