Northeast New Haven

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  • East Rock New Haven CT - East Rock
    I am reporting that there ARE slumlords in the East Rock neighborhood. They BANK on this neighborhood's fine reputation as a safe place to live... and then they find a sucker Yalie or two (or a hopeful townie) to rent from them... by the time the tenant realizes they are paying rent to a slumlord they are about half way through their short lease... They Move upon the expiration of the lease. NEXT YEAR, the same thing happens! A Yalie with a 9 month lease. It take a little time to realize you're living in a neglected dump. Slumlords of East Rock BANK on it. They put NO work into their property... or, just enough to get a Yalie to sign a lease. There are no shortage of customers in this neighborhood. I'm just reporting that this is indeed happening.
  • 90 Nash Street new haven, CT - East Rock
    The couple at 90 Nash Street seem to think they own the street space in front of their home. Every winter they use trash cans with signs to reserve the spaces for their two full-size sedans (see photo). If at any point in time (summer or winter) someone parks in the spaces near their home, they leave threatening notes about why it was an inadequate parking job (although frequently violate their own rules of parking). We have tried to be courteous neighbors, but they have been nothing but rude and nasty to us. We would like the responsible city agency, whether it is the police or LCI, to come and ticket them for their violations. The city needs to show that it will not tolerate the use of intimidation to prevent others from sharing public space.
  • 751 Orange St. New Haven, CT - East Rock
    He man, you lost the election. Pick up you're f*cking signs. That's spoor election etiquette. Get rid of your signs man. You're leaving serious garbage on our streets.
  • 163-205 Canner St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    Although there are signs along the road, the new speed humps along Canner need painting so they can be seen. Currently they are completely camouflaged.
  • Orange St New Haven, CT - SOHU
    Orange is still not plowed, residents followed parking ban for days, but the city has done its part. Parking continues to be a big issue. Will it get plowed,? Do we continue to follow the parking ban?
  • 253 Lawrence St. New Haven, CT - East Rock
    253 Lawrence Street is owned by Frank Carrano, an absentee landlord in Florida who has been deemed to be a slumlord by his tenants. He has broken his contracts with some of them, and threatened to evict them if they tried to enforce it. Also, there was a leak which a plumber initially traced to a toilet, and he waited for months afterwards while it soaked the walls and ceilings of those below them before he hired someone to find the pipe buried in the wall. After the pipe was fixed, he complained about expenses and couldn't find someone cheap enough to fully fix all the damage.
  • 69 Trumbull St New Haven, CT 06510 - Yale University Campus
    The crossing area for Trumbull St and Whitney Ave is a hazard to pedestrians. It's common for cars not to obey the small YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS sign when they take a right onto Trumbull off Whitney. Drivers assume since they have a green light that they have the right of way. Pedestrians will cross without looking because of the blinking Walk signal.
  • 289-301 Willow St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    Why isn't more being done to address the significant increase in crime to East Rock. My tax assessment jumped considerably and so did the crime in the neighborhood with so many posts about cars and houses being broken jnto. What is the City doing to address this other than throw another report on the pile? We need an action plan!
  • 30 Eld Street New Haven, CT - SOHU

    This happens all over my route between the train station and East Rock, but today it was here. A driver came up behind me in his black Honda and was sounding his horn and revving his engine. I was already as close as I dare get to the parked cars for fear of getting doored. The driver proceeded to squeal his tires passing me with about a one foot clearance instead of the three feet required by law. He then cut me off at the intersection, but I am sure that had more to do with the gesture I gave as a reaction after being nearly run over by this maniac.

    I would love to again see the signs on the buses reminding drivers to share the road with cyclists.

  • 68 Mansfield Street New Haven, ct - Dixwell
    Every week residents at Yale apartments at 68 Mansfield Street put their garbage out sloppily, not properly separating recycling, and just throwing bits of food and household trash on the ground. With last week's wind half of it ended up blown around the whole neighborhood. Yale needs to teach people who rent it's housing the rules for handling garbage.
  • 47-63 Nicoll St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    Tires stolen off of a Honda Fit on my block. Wisconsin plate: 435-ZVY. What do we to protect ourselves against this?
  • Shell Station Archived
    147 Willow St New Haven, CT 06511 - East Rock
    This place was robbed again last night and a customer and clerk were shot. This is approximately the 90th time this gas station has been robbed (not exagerating). Is there any way for the city to step in and control the hours of operation here? Unfotunately as convenient as this location is for myself and others, it brings in the completely wrong element late at night.