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  • 450 Temple St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Yale University Campus
    The crosswalk light is never a solid white, only blinking white, and it's such a high traffic intersection that there is often never a safe time to cross the street before it turns to the solid red hand 'don't walk'.
  • Trumbull St New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Yale University Campus
    The intersection of Temple Street and Trumbull Street has a bad pedestrian crossing that I walk through almost every day. There is a crossing signal for pedestrians crossing Temple St. on the south side, but the vehicle traffic on Trumbull St. gets a green light at the SAME TIME and vehicles turning off Trumbull to go south on Temple St. therefore compete with pedestrians trying to cross. Vehicles turning off Trumbull St. gun their engines as soon as the light turns green and take direct aim at the pedestrians, who the drivers don't seem to think have any business being in their way. Often drivers are in such a hurry that they refuse to give pedestrians the right of way. If they do, rude drivers behind them may honk. This signal needs to be changed so that drivers and pedestrians are not competing to get through the intersection at the SAME TIME -- that is an accident waiting to happen. There should be a 4-way pedestrian-only crossing signal at this intersection, like there is at the intersections farther north on Whitney.
  • Muson And Winchester New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Prospect Hill

    Tomorrow night at 5:30 PM there is a public hearing at City Hall to grant preliminary approval of a petition to include this property (new lot L or the old Winchester factory) in the Science Park Corporation Planned Development District.

    The reason for this petition is so that Higher One may keep and expand its 160 person work force here in New Haven by moving across the street from their current location at 25 Science Park to the planned facility at new lot L.

    If you are in favor of this petition please speak-up here and also please show up tomorrow night to show your support.

    Here's is a link to the traffic survey which I have made public through google docs:

    Here is the link to the petition from the Science Park Corp. :

  • 567 Orange St New Haven, CT - SOHU
    At approximately 8:45 am today I was on Orange St heading NE waiting at a red light behind a tow truck. Humphrey St had the green light. Visibility for traffic heading NW on Humphrey was blocked by the tow truck in front of me. All of a sudden a tow truck 2 or 3 vehicles behind me pulled into the oncoming lane and sped up Orange St, passing through the Humphrey intersection at about 25 mph, accelerating, not braking. If any vehicle had reached the intersection from Humphey from the south side, there would have been a TERRIBLE accident. I was so shocked I didn't think to get a description of the tow truck. If anyone else saw this, or if there are cameras in that intersection, I hope this can be investigated.
  • 142 Livingston Street New Haven, CT - East Rock
    While the sidewalks have been shoveled, they are inaccessible to and from the street because of high snow piles on the corners. This is on a block with a K-2 Elementary School, and the commute to school was made very difficult by the lack of access.
  • 768-794 Orange St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    Public trash barrels on Orange St., from Cottage St. to Willow St. are overflowing with garbage and plastic bags full of dog excrement. Aside from being absolutely disgusting and filthy (and making New Haven look like a third world city) these bags are leaking disease ridden fecal waste onto the sidewalks and streets. The even in sub-zero weather, the stench is horrible too.
  • 100-300 Dover Street New Haven, CT - Chatham Square

    We have reported this issue a few times in the last couple of years. Vehicles travel way in excess of the posted speed limit day & night. A couple of times a flashing "SLOW DOWN" sign with the posted speed is placed in the street. It helps temporarily while the sign is there, then traffic speeds up again when the sign is removed.


    We are starting to wonder why the lack of interest from the New Haven Traffic & Parking Dept on this issue. Is somebody "connected" putting the squash on the request for some reason?? Or worse, is it thought by the powers that be that 'they're only renters' and not worth the extra expense of a few yards of blacktop??

    SPEED BUMPS have been placed on streets much the same as Dover on "the other side of the tracks" - like Canner St and other streets off Willow.

    It is such a NO BRAINER solution to slow down traffic.

    PLEASE HELP US OVER HERE IN THE HOOD!! If you read this please click "I want this fixed too", even if you just agree with the SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN and aren't familiar with our particular street.

    Maybe some action can be taken this time. Please, Traffic & Parking Department...

  • 869 Orange St New Haven, CT - East Rock

    Was stopped at a traffic light this morning behind a cruiser, license plate 168 NH, and the driving officer was littering a food or candy wrapper out the driver's side window.

    I have nothing but respect for New Haven's hard working officers, but if they don't have respect for my neighborhood, then they should get a new job. Completely unacceptable.

  • Potholes Archived
    Farnum Dr New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    2-3 HUGE deep potholes, may have been filled before but now are large, deep, and wide. Huge safety issue for cars and bikes
  • Bishop St And Orange St New Haven, CT - Bishop-Hine
    I almost got into a horrible accident this morning trying to make a left onto Orange St from Bishop St and the frustrating part is that it's not the first time! Nica's Market is to the left and all day long, huge delivery trucks park illegally in the bus stop on the corner. This makes it impossible for cars trying to make a right or left out of Bishop St to see traffic coming from their left. This has been an issue for years and I don't know why nothing has been done! The intersection needs a light or the NH police need to enforce the law of not parking in a bus stop. Nica's had a parking lot, they need to figure out a place for the delivery trucks to safely park. Today, I barely missed colliding with a speeding car, coming at me from the left side. Had they hit me, it would have been square in the drivers side door. Maybe if I had been seriously injured in a fiery wreck, complete with media coverage, the city would do something about it!!!!!
  • 11 Pearl Street New Haven, CT - SOHU

    Tonight (Sunday, 12/22) between 7:20 and 7:35, two different automobiles took fast, sharp turns from State Street onto Pearl Street--intentionally speeding the wrong way into a one-way street. Both drivers were male, each about 5'!0" tall with fair hair and light eyes, and about 24-26 years old.

    Incident #1: at 7:20, a white Honda Civic, Massachusetts plate 325RR8, rushed the wrong way into Pearl from State, and parked in the driveway of 11 Pearl Street. I was crossing the street at the time: had I been one foot farther into the street, I could have been run over by this vehicle coming unexpectedly from my right. When I approached the driver to point out the violation and the potential casualty, he said: "Mind your own business."

    Incident #2: at 7:35, a man driving a white Jeep, CT plate 915YJM, rushed the wrong way into Pearl Street. He was trying to access his storage space in a row of garages right next to 11 Pearl Street. When I approached him to say that he'd just turned the wrong way through a one-way sign, he said: "So what?" and then added: "Everyone on Pearl Street does it."

  • Whitney Ave New Haven, CT - East Rock
    There's a big rush of bicycling commuters to headed to Yale every weekday a.m., and they ride on Whitney Ave sidewalk instead of the street. I understand why they are illegally walking on the sidewalk, but they don't even slow down or move out of the way for pedestrians! I walk my dog in the morning during the bicycle rush, and I'm sick of this discourteous and illegal behavior. I wouldn't mind if they would at least let me and my dog walk in comfort and not be driven off the sidewalk by them.