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  • Bishop St And Orange St New Haven, CT - Bishop-Hine
    I almost got into a horrible accident this morning trying to make a left onto Orange St from Bishop St and the frustrating part is that it's not the first time! Nica's Market is to the left and all day long, huge delivery trucks park illegally in the bus stop on the corner. This makes it impossible for cars trying to make a right or left out of Bishop St to see traffic coming from their left. This has been an issue for years and I don't know why nothing has been done! The intersection needs a light or the NH police need to enforce the law of not parking in a bus stop. Nica's had a parking lot, they need to figure out a place for the delivery trucks to safely park. Today, I barely missed colliding with a speeding car, coming at me from the left side. Had they hit me, it would have been square in the drivers side door. Maybe if I had been seriously injured in a fiery wreck, complete with media coverage, the city would do something about it!!!!!
  • Humphrey Street New Haven, CT - SOHU
    A major traffic danger exists on Humphrey Street between Whitney Ave and Orange St. where no snow has been removed. The East bound lane is so narrowed that 2-way traffic is not possible. This is a popular street during AM/PM rush hours and the people who are parking outside of the snow are literally parked in the East bound lane of traffic. This prohibits traffic to move toward Orange St. when there is any oncoming traffic or traffic backed up at the Whitney Ave light. This has caused multiple near misses every morning and evening. This street urgently needs to be cleared and the vehicles removed. It is a main access road and is traveled at high volume each day.
  • 68 Mansfield Street New Haven, ct - Dixwell
    Every week residents at Yale apartments at 68 Mansfield Street put their garbage out sloppily, not properly separating recycling, and just throwing bits of food and household trash on the ground. With last week's wind half of it ended up blown around the whole neighborhood. Yale needs to teach people who rent it's housing the rules for handling garbage.
  • 858 State St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - SOHU
    This new restaurant opened last weekend. Every night since they opened I have had to walk though staff not wearing masks, or with masks pulled down, waiting on the outside tables. Last weekend and again last night, the bar had customers sitting next to each other at a crowded bar.
    New Haven businesses are working so hard to keep customers safe and to avoid another shut down. Can somebody work with this new businesses to help them understand the restrictions and plan and train accordingly.
  • 30 Eld Street New Haven, CT - SOHU

    This happens all over my route between the train station and East Rock, but today it was here. A driver came up behind me in his black Honda and was sounding his horn and revving his engine. I was already as close as I dare get to the parked cars for fear of getting doored. The driver proceeded to squeal his tires passing me with about a one foot clearance instead of the three feet required by law. He then cut me off at the intersection, but I am sure that had more to do with the gesture I gave as a reaction after being nearly run over by this maniac.

    I would love to again see the signs on the buses reminding drivers to share the road with cyclists.

  • 69 Trumbull St New Haven, CT 06510 - Yale University Campus
    The crossing area for Trumbull St and Whitney Ave is a hazard to pedestrians. It's common for cars not to obey the small YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS sign when they take a right onto Trumbull off Whitney. Drivers assume since they have a green light that they have the right of way. Pedestrians will cross without looking because of the blinking Walk signal.
  • 47-63 Nicoll St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    Tires stolen off of a Honda Fit on my block. Wisconsin plate: 435-ZVY. What do we to protect ourselves against this?
  • Shell Station Archived
    147 Willow St New Haven, CT 06511 - East Rock
    This place was robbed again last night and a customer and clerk were shot. This is approximately the 90th time this gas station has been robbed (not exagerating). Is there any way for the city to step in and control the hours of operation here? Unfotunately as convenient as this location is for myself and others, it brings in the completely wrong element late at night.
  • Orange St New Haven, CT - SOHU
    Orange is still not plowed, residents followed parking ban for days, but the city has done its part. Parking continues to be a big issue. Will it get plowed,? Do we continue to follow the parking ban?
  • 50 Trumbull St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - New Haven
    With decent weather returning, a couple of in-street pedestrian signs are needed back in this intersection to remind drivers that they must yield to pedestrians here. Drivers were getting pretty good when the signs were in place last spring, summer, and fall, but their behavior has changed noticeably--for the worse--once they were removed during the winter.
  • 163-205 Canner St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    Although there are signs along the road, the new speed humps along Canner need painting so they can be seen. Currently they are completely camouflaged.
  • 236 Nicoll St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock

    Second time in three years that the house at 230 Nicoll street on the corner was hit by a car as a result of an automobile accident. The accident occurred later at night. Had it been earlier it could have been much worse.

    Stop sign was taken out of the ground, as well as significant damage to the houses' porch and fencing.

    It appears a two way stop is not enough. Highly travelled area with foot traffic makes this corner a continued concern.