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  • Willow St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    Thanks to the cat people, who let their felines roam, I now have some orphaned baby house wrens in my yard. These birds, through no fault of there own, are now going to die without their parent to feed them. It's not cute to have your cat kill birds, snakes, etc. anymore than it would be cute if my dog were to roam around killing cats. Please keep your cats indoors, where they won't be getting run over by cars or killing birds. Wildlife have a hard enough time surviving without being slaughtered for your pet's entertainment.
  • Willow And Nicoll St New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    The crosswalk at Willow and Nicoll St is completely faded away. Crossing Willow St has become a major hazard. This is a very busy crosswalk in front of the Shell Station and is close to both East Rock and Wilbour Cross Schools
  • Edwards Street New Haven, Connecticut - Bishop-Hine
    St. Joseph’s Catholic Church on Edwards Street blasts an ear-piercing recording that is nothing short of an utter nuisance ! This began about a year ago and they’ve continued with this blatant disregard for the community around. The recording is blared at such violently loud decibels that there’s nowhere in our home we can go to get away from it. And we’re not even on Edwards Street ! It doesn’t matter whether our windows are closed (during the winter time) or open (in summer); or if the blower on our oven is running (high or low); or if we’re playing music; never mind if we’re in our backyard; nothing we can do in our home abates this absolute nuisance. It starts at 8:15 a.m. or 8:45 a.m., whenever they will on Sunday mornings; then, again at noon and then again at 6:00 p.m., and it lasts from 6 to 10 minutes at a time—for how ever long they choose. And this is every single day ! We sit down to dinner at 6:00 p.m. only to be greeted by their brash cacophony. No one wants to hear this; no one needs to hear this ! None of the churches in downtown New Haven acts with such gross disregard for their communities with the pealing of their bells—and they’re in a commercial zone; we’re residential. We have 2 other churches in our immediate neighbourhood; as much as we hear them worship on Sundays, it's not at ear-crushing decibels. What are we supposed to do, sell the home we’ve lived in for years because this church fails to realise that it shares a community with people’s homes ?!
  • 34 Nash Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    Lawn Mower was stolen from my backyard, as well as 2 large packages that were delivered this morning. My backyard is hidden, with the exception of 48-50 Lawrence street tenants who are constantly a neighborhood nuisance.
  • 754 State Street New Haven, Connecticut - SOHU
    Roosevelts on the corner of State Street and Bradley Street is open after hours AGAIN!!! They are zoned to be open NO LATER than 11:30pm. This has become their normal operating practice. They clearly don't fear any fines or suspensions. NHPD and any other City/State Agency please take notice of this post. This has got to be stopped!
  • Blake Field New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    There is a large homeless encampment / drug den literally an arms length from the visitors dugout on the little league field at Blake field.The kids that play there are being subjected to unsafe /hazardous conditions brought on by dirty needles broken beer bottles ,intoxicated unsafe persons.This field is being used by kids from all over the city and from out of town .The city has known about it,they cut the grass and drag the fields daily,it is not hidden its extremely visible and dangerous.As an umpire we have to discuss it as part of our ground rules to make sure all of the children are accounted for at all times and to not venture for any foul balls in that area .The city started trimming the brush from the fence line but stopped at the encampment to try to camoflauge it. As leaugue reps and state certified umpires we are holding the alderman and all city representatives accountable for this unsafe and extremely dangerous situation.
  • 767 Orange Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    Recently, the City installed a bike share on Linden Street with a large adjacent advertising panel in front of East Rock Pharmacy on Orange Street. Several of us -- residents, property owners, and business owners--are concerned that the content of this ad panel is incompatible with the neighborhood and its placement unsafe due to its encroachment onto the sidewalk. While my focus is on the pharmacy ad panel at 763-767 Orange Street, I know that residents of other neighborhoods have concerns about ad panels in their areas, and I believe the conversation about the pharmacy ad panel may have relevance for ad panels installed in other neighborhoods around the City.
  • 165 Whitney Ave New Haven, CT - Yale University Campus

    Since the new School of Management building opened, there have been increased and routine car/bike/pedestrian conflicts, especially during morning rush hour, evening rush hour lunch hours, and periodically with class times . The signaled pedestrian phase is helpful but many problems at the intersection remain. Problems include:

    A. Frequent pedestrian crossing against signal into fast-moving traffic
    B. Illegal right turns against the light from Sachem to Whitney, endangering pedestrians
    C. Inadequate bike parking (<10 spots); bikes are affixed to street signs and sometimes interfere with vehicle lanes on Whitney.
    D. Pedestrian/bike conflicts; new bike path to Pearl St requires riders to use sidewalk for ~30ft stretch, most do not dismount.
    E. Elementary school groups visiting Peabody often crowd the northwest corner and endanger children, especially when school buses are parked on Sachem.

    This problem extends the existing pedestrian/car conflicts south of Trumbull (e.g. 55 Whitney). Traffic calming seems to be increasingly importantly along this stretch.

    Whitney is narrow and fast at that intersection, so bump-outs are not feasible. Solutions could include:
    A. Better defined pedestrian crosswalks (like Chapel/York)
    B. Traffic calming measures north of intersection, like "Reduce Speed Ahead" signage
    C. Enforcement of no-right-turn-on-red rules
    D. Increased bike parking at School of Management
    E. Segregate bike path from footpath
    F. Require alternative parking for school groups at Peabody, possibly in the Humphrey lot.

    I'm not sure refuge islands are possible along Whitney, but they would usefully signal to southbound traffic that Whitney is becoming increasingly pedestrian-heavy.

  • 762 State Street New Haven, Connecticut - SOHU

    Turning onto State St from Bradley St, is very dangerous. On top of this, the sight line is frequently obstructed by vehicles illegally standing in bus stop area. This is particularly concerning for residents of Bradley St, who have not alternative route for leaving their homes because it is a one way street.

    This issue could be alleviated by our proposed three-step plan. 1) Strictly enforce illegal standing in bus area 2) Eliminate existing parking 2 spots north on State St 3) partner with owners of restaurant to redesign outdoor seating area so as not to obstruct views of motorists 4) Consider traffic calming measures such as speed bump or speed table. This intervention could potentially be implemented at the existing pedestrian crosswalk on State and Eld Street.

  • 2-98 Hine Pl New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Bishop-Hine
    Ui - u need to remove the poles that r starting to fall from their supports on state St immediately! See photo. This has been like this for 1 year.
  • English Drive New Haven, CT - East Rock
    Motorbikes continue to present an extraordinary danger to pedestrians and their children and cyclists by screaming up the closed road from English Drive to the summit of East Rock. On the evening of 8/7/12, for example, three motorbikes sped up that road around 7 p.m., imperiling many parents and their children, adults and their pets, and cyclists out for an evening stroll or ride on the closed road. Police are rarely visible at the park and a sense of lawlessness pervades the area, which is generally filthy. A firm presence is required at the pedestrian entrances on English drive and on Trowbridge, off of State Street.
  • 125 Cold Spring St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock

    Many residents have complained about vehicles not obeying this stop sign (as well as Cold Spring and Everit Street's). Please click "I want this fixed too" to bring more attention to the issue.

    Justin Elicker
    Ward 10 Alderman