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  • Cars go speeding up Mansfield Street at very unsafe speeds because it is just a long street, no stop signs or anything. Children are frequently riding bikes around as well, just seems like a terrible combination. Maybe adding stop signs or maybe even just speed bumps (or just those "rumble strips") to certain areas would help.
  • State St New Haven, CT 00 - East Rock
    It would be excellent if this area could become more open to public and cleaned up.
    People fish here all the time but they have to enter from behind the rink because there is a fence on State Street.
  • New Haven Connecticut - East Rock
    illegal use of city /park property. Obvious signs of unapproved camping, trash, drug paraphernalia. Please investigate and remove
  • 52 Mechanic St New Haven, CT 06511 - East Rock
    There is a garage in back that collapsed YEARS ago and nothing has been done about it. It became much worse last winter. I am concerned that it may have become home to a serious rodent problem, or if kids got back there they would get hurt. Don't think LCI has ever loooked at it, even thought htis has been posted since 2009. SEveral neighbors offered to help hear on SCF, but no-one contacted the home owner. (I no longer live in the neighborhood, nor do the tenants of my place who were among those who offered help)
  • Bishop St And Orange St New Haven, CT - Bishop-Hine
    I almost got into a horrible accident this morning trying to make a left onto Orange St from Bishop St and the frustrating part is that it's not the first time! Nica's Market is to the left and all day long, huge delivery trucks park illegally in the bus stop on the corner. This makes it impossible for cars trying to make a right or left out of Bishop St to see traffic coming from their left. This has been an issue for years and I don't know why nothing has been done! The intersection needs a light or the NH police need to enforce the law of not parking in a bus stop. Nica's had a parking lot, they need to figure out a place for the delivery trucks to safely park. Today, I barely missed colliding with a speeding car, coming at me from the left side. Had they hit me, it would have been square in the drivers side door. Maybe if I had been seriously injured in a fiery wreck, complete with media coverage, the city would do something about it!!!!!
  • 11 Pearl Street New Haven, CT - SOHU

    Tonight (Sunday, 12/22) between 7:20 and 7:35, two different automobiles took fast, sharp turns from State Street onto Pearl Street--intentionally speeding the wrong way into a one-way street. Both drivers were male, each about 5'!0" tall with fair hair and light eyes, and about 24-26 years old.

    Incident #1: at 7:20, a white Honda Civic, Massachusetts plate 325RR8, rushed the wrong way into Pearl from State, and parked in the driveway of 11 Pearl Street. I was crossing the street at the time: had I been one foot farther into the street, I could have been run over by this vehicle coming unexpectedly from my right. When I approached the driver to point out the violation and the potential casualty, he said: "Mind your own business."

    Incident #2: at 7:35, a man driving a white Jeep, CT plate 915YJM, rushed the wrong way into Pearl Street. He was trying to access his storage space in a row of garages right next to 11 Pearl Street. When I approached him to say that he'd just turned the wrong way through a one-way sign, he said: "So what?" and then added: "Everyone on Pearl Street does it."

  • 33 Humphrey Street New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven
    This passage has only two lights (of 5) in the pedestrian area. The passage is also particularly dark in the day. It feels dangerous to travel through on a bike (on the road portion) because it seems that cars entering the underpass from full sunlight are temporarily blinded as their drives adjust to the dark area. I think a case could be made to leave the light on in the day to avoid accidental collision between bikers and cars.
  • 347-351 Canner St New Haven, Connecticut - Prospect Hill
    We need a pedestrian crosswalk on Canner Street near Loomis Pl and Division Street. This block of Canner has heavy foot traffic - including many families with small children! - due to the presence of two grade schools (Foote and Celentano), two day-care centers (in the Whitehall and YDS apartments), three apartment complexes (Whitehall, Ivy Manor, and YDS), Yale Divinity School, and the YDS community garden. A crosswalk would make our life here safer and easier.
  • Near Exit 6 I-91 New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    The City cleared a homeless encampment late last fall. The camp was by the banks of the Mill River. Land access is from the Willow Street entrance to Route 91. Here is the problem: Although the residents were expelled and their possessions impounded, many of those possessions - including furniture and trash - were simply left behind. There are at least three camps clearly visible from the river where lots and lots of stuff is just piled up to rot. This is not a good use of land that abuts onto East Rock Park! One nice young couple even bagged up their trash (at least 30 bin bags full) but it's still there by the riverbank. Can the sites be visited and cleaned up? It is really an eyesore for park users and will become a health hazard as the stuff decays.
  • Critters... Archived
    142 Nicoll St New Haven, CT - East Rock
    Trying to catch a skunk in a Have-a-Heart trap, I caught a possum instead. Thoughts about what to with him (her?)
  • Whitney Ave New Haven, CT - East Rock
    There's a big rush of bicycling commuters to headed to Yale every weekday a.m., and they ride on Whitney Ave sidewalk instead of the street. I understand why they are illegally walking on the sidewalk, but they don't even slow down or move out of the way for pedestrians! I walk my dog in the morning during the bicycle rush, and I'm sick of this discourteous and illegal behavior. I wouldn't mind if they would at least let me and my dog walk in comfort and not be driven off the sidewalk by them.
  • Humphrey Street New Haven, CT - SOHU
    A major traffic danger exists on Humphrey Street between Whitney Ave and Orange St. where no snow has been removed. The East bound lane is so narrowed that 2-way traffic is not possible. This is a popular street during AM/PM rush hours and the people who are parking outside of the snow are literally parked in the East bound lane of traffic. This prohibits traffic to move toward Orange St. when there is any oncoming traffic or traffic backed up at the Whitney Ave light. This has caused multiple near misses every morning and evening. This street urgently needs to be cleared and the vehicles removed. It is a main access road and is traveled at high volume each day.