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  • 5 W Plumstead Ave Lansdowne, PA 19050, USA (INTERSECTION) - Lansdowne
    There are many Asphault 'dunes' , perhaps where buses have stopped on the corner?... where the roadway is literally turned into speed bump where it shouldn't be... reason?... roadways where buses travel are not paved with concrete.
  • 3200-3298 Albemarle Ave Drexel Hill, PA 19026, USA - Drexel Hill

    There is no stop sign at the bottom of Albermarle Avenue when turning onto Shadeland Avenue The people on Shadeland Avenue are not required to stop or slow down, nor should they be.

    I've been in the car multiple times with people who aren't from the area who don't see a stop sign, so they just assume they have the right of way and turn onto Shadeland Avenue without stopping. They assume the people in the other direction have to stop. This could end up being fatal.

    I don't know how the township totally missed this intersection, but somebody dropped the ball on it.

  • 200 Block East Greenwood Ave - Lansdowne
    driveway potholes are a mess 20 block of greenwood ave very dangerous
  • 278 N. Lansdowne Ave - Lansdowne
    Lansdowne should add a noise ordinance to partner with their Disruptive Residence Ordinance. We wouldn’t need ordinances if people knew how to be good neighbors and not selfishly disrupt the neighborhood
  • 257-277 Shadeland Ave Lansdowne, PA 19050, USA - Lansdowne

    There is a manhole cover in the northbound lane of Shadeland avenue that has defective/missing fill material around the edge. As a result, virtually every vehicle that travels in that direction causes an annoying double-thunk noise to the residents in the area. Trucks passing over this defect make an even louder sound.

    I've attached a recent picture, and the problem is also visible on Google street map.

  • 155-179 Drexel Avenue Lansdowne, PA 19050, USA - Lansdowne
    Speeding through stop signs or ignoring stop signs along with constant speeding on Drexel Avenue.
  • Stewart Av & Lansdowne Av Lansdowne, PA 19050, USA - Lansdowne
    The owner of this apartment complex at Stewart & Lansdowne refuses to shovel the sidewalk, leaving a dangerous path for pedestrians!
  • Eldon Avenue Lansdowne, Pennsylvania - Lansdowne
    Seen many drivers back out of Albemarle Ave and Glentay Ave into the intersection onto Eldon Ave.
    These drivers don't bother either going around the block or making a 3-point turn.
    Little kids and dog walkers are going to get hurt by these reckless drivers.
  • 150 E. Essex Ave. Lansdowne, PA 19050 - Lansdowne
    Can the township do something about the drive way in back of the houses in the 150 block of E. Essex Ave? The driveway is horrible, you can't drive thru it and it does a lot of damage to the cars.
  • 74 Shadeland Avenue Upper Darby, Pennsylvania - Lansdowne
    metal plate on road has moved and now makes a loud noise when cars and buses drive over it. Very loud and annoying as this is a very busy street. Neighbors would like to have some quiet.
  • W. Greenwood Ave. & Shadeland - Lansdowne

    Frequently motorists perform rolling stops and quite often just plain ignore it. (Definitely not the only area with this problem. )

    I wish Lansdowne would park a police car there a couple days during the busiest times of the day to remind people that they have to follow road signs, OR, place one of those nifty signs below the stop sign that says , “Complete stops are free, rolling stops are $$$...”

  • Lansdowne PA, USA - Lansdowne
    William Penn School District Taxes are much too high. Cost of education 42.2900 mills is not equivalent to quality of education and condition of educational facilities. Cost restructure necessary.