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  • 61 Black Rock Avenue New Britain, CT - New Britain
    Lot is overgrown. Lot has been used in the past as a dumping ground for tree trunks, branches, yard debris and wood chips.
    Portion of embankment has eroded resulting in dirt and rocks covering a portion of a large utility manhole cover that is in the adjacent sidewalk.
  • Drugs Archived
    100 West St New Britain, CT 06051 - New Britain
    Large amount of drug sales -- ongoing problem.
  • 61 Black Rock Avenue New Britain, CT - New Britain
    Commercial truck parked in residential area going on 8 weeks; trees overgrowing sidewalk (pedestrians forced to walk in road), embankment sliding over sidewalk and utility (SNET?) manhole; trash!
  • 329 Oak St New Britain, CT 06051, USA - New Britain
    Tree branches falling on electrical lines, cars, house and street. Tree may be rotting. Big branches may fall on people also. Lines are too close to branches and may cause fire. Happened back in October 2011 will happen happen again if left unresolved.
  • MY POOR CAR Archived
    Allen Street NEWBRITAIN, CT - New Britain
  • Tremont And Lawlor New Britain, CT - New Britain
    to much drugs and prostitution going on in this area. lived here all my life and have never been this bad.
  • 54 Trinity Street new britain, CT - New Britain
    My street is very dark and dangerous. Neihbors have been calling for about a year.
  • Sidewalks Archived
    Columbia Monroe & Parkmore st , New Britain, CT - New Britain
    sidewalks are all ripped up one lady had already fallen and hurt her anckle. We have called and also e-mailed down to the city yard and city hall.They claim no fund are there for sidewalks. So that answer means it's ok for people to get hurt.And it's sad due to all the taxes we pay in New Britain.It's a shame we have sidewalks and can't use the walking in the streets are safer oh so sad!
  • 64 Mitchell Street New Britain, CT 06053, USA - New Britain
    The streets completely dark which I believe are a safety concern for those that live on this street.
  • Prostitution Archived
    203 North St New Britain, CT 06051 - New Britain
    Tired of the blatant prostitution up and down the streets!
  • pot holes! Archived
    60-66 Kimball Dr New Britain, CT 06051, USA - New Britain
    I been a resident of kimball Drive New britain for 10 years I noticed the increase of pot holes, over the years some times city workers come over and make some kind of marks on the street just to open and do some diging and repav, but they never do nothing about the pot holes I wish this can be fix some day, ... thank you
  • 39 Lawlor St Unit A new britain, CT - New Britain